'Enjoy the freedom': program aims to help new Canadians learn how to skate

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 4, 2023 News

The tradition of learning a winter tradition is being taught to new Canadians.

The Learn to Skate program for newcomers has been hosted by the West End Biz for several weeks. Instructors give guidance to those who arrive.

We had an optional skate today because it was so cold. "We weren't anticipating to see a lot of people out because of the cold weather." We are happy that a few people decided to try it out. They want to improve and keep working. It's wonderful to see.

Skater Femi Fadahunsi was in the park. He signed up for the program because he wanted to stay warm.

The first few lessons did not go according to plan. I ended up on my butt a lot. The more I do it, the easier it becomes.

Fadahunsi has always liked skating.

He said he enjoyed the freedom. There's no way you're going to get in the way. It teaches you how to fall on ice and get back up.

The program helps people get to know each other.

She said that skating is a part of the culture in the city.

The program lasts for seven weeks on Fridays.