Destiny 2 monetisation tactics prioritise players’ time over enjoyment

by Anna Munhin Feb 4, 2023 News
Destiny 2 monetisation tactics prioritise players’ time over enjoyment

Mobile game strategies that reward grind and time-gate content are some of the monetisation tactics used by Destiny 2. If the primary focus isn't first on making the experience enjoyable, then finding ways to maximize a player's time in the game will hinder its status as one of the best free PC games.

When it comes to video games, time is money, which is why the breadth of ways it seeks to syphon users' time points to a troubling, deep-seeded psychological understanding that when it comes to video games, time is money.

Over the years, Bungie has updated its strategy. The game's developers now offer players a variety of in-game add-ons, including expansions, season passes, event cards, cosmetics, and more.

It's not problematic to give people the option to pay for certain parts of the game. The game needs to make money. When developers are influenced by marketing and finance teams, they subtly court monetization using psychological tactics that have been used in lower-quality mobile games to get players to play more.

There are mobile games that are designed to be addictive. Initially, many are free to play. A game that is fun to play must be popular. It has to get players to keep playing. Daily check-in rewards, time-gated content, and time-sensitive bonuses are some of the things developers use to do this.

Destiny 2 monetisation - three cosmetic armour skins based on Fortnite

The longer someone is in the game, the more likely they will make in-game purchases. People play games because they enjoy them. Staying invested in a game is a psychological thing.

People spend money on mobile games because of trends. You may earn an exotic that has an extremely low drop rate if you play for a few more hours. It doesn't matter if you're having fun because the payoff is worth it.

The strategy is starting to backfire as it becomes clear that the game is all about keeping players invested in the game. The Guardians retaliated against the grind by throwing matches to speed up their gains. These players are more interested in improving their progress than in enjoying a unique game mode. An underlying issue with the grind system is highlighted by the response from Bungie, who said it would accelerate the progression of the Iron Banner rank.

Many developers find ways to encourage players to stay in the game and spend money. There is an event challenge user interface. To check off event challenges, players must visit a screen that shows what they can earn if they upgrade their event cards. This is a way to get the player to buy the card.

Season passes that promise instant rewards and new content over a few months are not long term subscriptions. It's important to remember that this is in addition to paid DLC and doesn't include activities such as the 30th anniversary pack and dungeon content, which also cost money

Destiny 2 monetisation - several Guardians fight Cabal forces

The player can only move forward in a linear fashion. When a player is ready to progress to the game's next story mission, they need to make sure they have a set amount of Seraph Key Codes. There is no real reason for this step to exist.

The cosmetics, dungeons, and unique event armour sets should not result from psychological tricks. Even the most dedicated players will be pushed out of the game over time. One of the best first person shooter games on the market is at risk of being overshadowed by venturing too far into this area.

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