Battle of the Budding Marketing Masterminds: Ad Maker Bangladesh 2023

by Anna Munhin Feb 4, 2023 News
Battle of the Budding Marketing Masterminds: Ad Maker Bangladesh 2023

Battle of the Budding Marketing Masterminds: Ad Maker Bangladesh 2023

Business people need to Buckle up. After three years of waiting, the most elaborate undergraduate marketing competition is back in town.

The underlying factor that contributes to a brand's success is hard to imagine. Visionaries who are well on their way to changing the industry with their innovation can be found if we can bridge the gap between reality and theory. On the 30th of January, Taaga Taaga Man Presents Ad Maker Bangladesh will return after a three year absence.

Ad Maker Bangladesh is the flagship event of the North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society, which is dedicated to giving its members every tool possible to make it big in the world of entrepreneurship. The competition has grown to be a renowned inter-university event that gives competitors the chance to showcase their skills in the marketing industry using IMC techniques.

The start of the ninth chapter of the event was marked by a large Play Button in the middle of the North South University campus. The structure as well as exciting teases, showing ads that evoked feelings of nostalgia in viewers, dropped on the 1st of December and 22nd of January and saw a huge amount of response. The promo drew attention to the essence of the competition, which was a bold and innovative way of engaging students. One can expect great performances from the event, and these were a nod to that.

Title Sponsor " Taaga Taaga Man", Co-Sponsor "NRBC Bank", and Associate Sponsor "Monno Ceramics" are enthusiastic supporters of the competition.

visionaries from multiple universities are expected to participate in the event to demonstrate their creativity and know-how in everything marketing, which is an invitation into the realm of revolutionary ideas. Register before the 8th of February if you want to participate in the event.

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