Could a Harry and Meghan romcom be next for the royal pair? Future plans reportedly revealed

by Lindsey Francy Feb 4, 2023 News
Could a Harry and Meghan romcom be next for the royal pair? Future plans reportedly revealed

After their docuseries and Harry's best-selling memoir, many could be wondering what the duke and duchess could do next. Sources are saying that Harry andMeghan will be moving away from content about themselves and towards producing light entertainment, including their own romcom.

The love story of a Hollywood actress and a real-life Prince is something to behold. They fall in love with one another.

So who better to make a movie about a couple of star-crossed lovers for real?

Following their slew of non-fiction and biographical content, it is believed that Harry andMeghan will move towards this direction.


Harry and Meghan could be stepping away from personal content

The image was taken by Samir Hussein.

They signed a multi-year deal with the streaming service in 2020.

Their docuseries is the biggest output they've released since inking the multi-million dollar deal, but there's plans for the pair to move away from content about themselves and make more "Fun" television projects and romantic comedies.

A source has told the Telegraph that there will be more of a focus on scripted content.

It will be good and light hearted.

Sarah Ferguson has also dipped into the world of romantic fiction

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It isn't new for the royal family to be involved in the world of romance, and if they needed help, they could turn to an unlikely family member.

Sarah Ferguson is the aunt of Harry.

The romcom genre is something that has been a fan ofMeghan's. She said people love love. I am still included in that sentiment. Our definition of love includes partner love, self love, love of community and family. The kind of shows and documentaries we want out there are based on that.

The move could be the next chapter for Archewell

The image was taken at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Gala.

Archewell has yet to replace key members of staff who have left their foundation due to the emphasis on creating content which appeals to the mass market.

Ben Browning, the internal content head, and Fara Taylor, the marketing head, will be leaving later this year. Mandana Dayani, chief operating officer of Archewell, and Rebecca Sananes, head of audio, have left the company.

A new era of their production company might be about to start with less content about Harry andMeghan.

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