LBank Exchange Will List ARIALAND (ARIA) on February 6, 2023

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 4, 2023 News
LBank Exchange Will List ARIALAND (ARIA) on February 6, 2023

Internet City, DUBAI, on February 4, 2023.

LBank Exchange will list ARIALAND on February 6,23. The ARIA/USDT trading pair will be available for all users of LBank Exchange.

ARIALAND is a metaverse platform that allows users to create and experience content themselves. The native token ARIA will be listed on the LBank Exchange on February 6, 2023 in order to further expand its global reach.

Australia has been introduced.

ARIALAND is a virtual reality platform that is powered by the ether block. The users create and experience their own content. Users can claim ownership of virtual real estates on the platform through a ledger based on the internet. The real estate of Australia is stored in a smart contract. There are real estates that can be bought using ARIA ERC-20 token.

Users who own real estate can use a self-identification program to claim ownership, as well as build content on the land that can be used for trading and advertisement posting. In their own real estate buildings, users can rent virtual offices, stores, and other items.

To allow users to easily acquire, maintain, and plan their own real estate, ARIALAND will preferentially sell NFTs through various open markets.

No one can hack, modify, or act as an agent for ARIALAND since it is not regulated or controlled by anyone. Many and diverse users will come together to form a network and form a huge community on their own, that's the hope of the team.

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ARIA is the native token of ARIALAND ARIALAND develops an economic system that allows all users to make money. There are a variety of ways in which users can earn revenue. The platform allows users to sell, deliver, provide, and earn money. Users can deposit and stake ARIA through a bank in Australia.

ARIA has a total supply of 2 billion, of which 10% is burned, 10% is used for marketing, and 50% is allocated to the team and partners.

The ARIA token will be listed on LBank Exchange on February 6, 2023, which will make it easy for investors to buy and sell it. The listing of ARIA token on LBank Exchange will help it grow and draw more attention to it.

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