BrandWagon Ad Talk with Godrej & Boyce’s, Mehernosh Pithawalla

by Jacob Solomon Feb 4, 2023 News
BrandWagon Ad Talk with Godrej & Boyce’s, Mehernosh Pithawalla

The case for marketing has been the same as the other industries that have been affected by the Pandemic. Digital marketing is important in order to get new customers and keep existing ones. Industry experts highlight what has changed over the past two years in the BrandWagon Ad Talk series. The head of brand and strategic insights isMehernosh Pithawalla. Digital marketing dos and don'ts, best marketing campaigns, and more are some of the topics discussed by Co.

This aspect of brand equity growth is comparable to pricing and quality. Digital has become important for companies to realise their full potential, enhance their brand reputation, brand awareness, and brand image to increase affinity towards their brand. In a few days, a brand's audience can grow from nothing to millions of people. Digital has made it possible for brands to connect their offerings to the right customer through targeted digital ads, social media and the right people. The benefit of launching brands in the digital age is that they can get immediate feedback via customer reviews, which will allow the brand to re-engineer and relaunch in less time than before.

It is important for brands to account for spending with an objective of seeking long-term gains with a focus on customer engagement. To capture the market, one needs to distribute spends prudently.

The value of a big brand name has waned in the new age of digital. Even a small company can become a successful one.

What are the best marketing and advertising campaigns you've seen recently?

Creativity has faced many challenges in the past year. Three campaigns stood out to me. The Good Luck Girls campaign made a new take on the commercial. The Good Luck Girls campaign paid tribute to women, celebrated their achievements, and recognized their emergence as strong role models. The campaign was called 'Har Paani Ki Bottle Bisleri Nahin' and was meant to reinforce consumer trust. A great mix of TV, digital platforms, and associations with large impact properties were used in the campaign.

The campaign for the Great Indian Family was one of the brands that made it to my favorites list. The campaign depicts a day in the life of a typical Indian family and highlights the various roles the kitchen plays in making the cooking experience enjoyable. It shows the range of modular kitchen offerings and their suitability to Indian homes, as well as the variety of people using the kitchen and foods being cooked, showing how important the room is in our daily lives.

Which brand has excelled in using digital in the last year?

It's digital marketing game has made it a household name in India. The company also caters to regional audiences by making vernacular language content available. A high level of engagement has been achieved by the quirky strategy of the company on the social networking site. Their recent treat to their fans is the showing of the deleted scenes from 2022. They created an unlikely blend of characters and famous scenes in international and Indian cinema and series with various actors giving them the most unlikely things to say in those moments. This piece of content made it's way onto the internet.

What are the do's and don'ts of digital marketing?

Listening to consumers and responding to their needs will be the focus of marketing in the future. If needed, first-party data from sources such as customer purchases can give you insights into what your ideal customer is looking for. You can use it to adapt your content to their preferences.

Hyperpersonalized marketing gives brands the chance to engage with customers, deepen their relationships and build new ones, while improving the overall customer experience. This strategy increases relevancy that increases customer satisfaction and also drives brand loyalty.

With brands being more visible online it's important that they are accessible and that they have an omnipresence in categories that are touch and feel.

Why did you see a bad case of advertising recently?

Every advertisement has its own story.

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