M. Night Shyamalan Says The Village Didn’t Have a Twist - It Just Changed Genres

by Jacob Solomon Feb 4, 2023 News
M. Night Shyamalan Says The Village Didn’t Have a Twist - It Just Changed Genres

The Village's notorious ending was discussed by M Night Shyamalan.

The director explained how the marketing of the film hurt its reception. "I've thought a lot about my relationship to marketing, my relationship to the audiences, and how each of the movies affects each other, the brothers and sisters," said the director. There are two metrics for sugar and savory content. For a long time, the balance of the taste of the piece kept coming back to haunt it.

The balance was correct, he said. It's possible that the sugar content metric is about whether or not it was scary. Is it this? They may have wanted it to be just a genre piece. I changed genres on you if I had to say it. When you weren't going to see the scariest thing you've ever seen, and then seeing a great drama at the end of the day, it was ok.

M. Night Shyamalan's Unorthodox Filmography

He learned a lot from The Village. If you saw signs as a movie about faith and you weren't going to get scared out of your seat, that's when you should go. What is your expectations? When marketing comes as well. He stated that they have been careful in the last five or six movies to make sure that they are selling the movie that he made.

The Village's perception has changed over the years, according to the director, who said that people come up to him to talk about the village. A friend came with their wife and she said she had seen it many times. I was like, oh my gosh. I found a script in the basement and gave it to her.

The Village follows the inhabitants of a small, isolated village and seems to be set in the 19th century The setting of rural Pennsylvania in the 70s is revealed at the end of the movie.

The village can be watched on Prime Video.

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