Best Day Brewing Pushes Expansion, Market Share With Brand Build Out from Gestalt Brand Lab

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 4, 2023 News
Best Day Brewing Pushes Expansion, Market Share With Brand Build Out from Gestalt Brand Lab

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The best in class non- alcoholic craft beer has an integrated brand.

Beer and other alcohol-free leisure beverages are gaining popularity among multiple consumer segments. Best Day Brewing is looking to expand its reach in the market and broaden consumer awareness thanks to a comprehensive brand build out.

A ritual of cracking a beer is associated with relaxation. Tate Huffard said consumers are looking for ways to savour that experience and embrace the moments of awe in every day life. The marketing and communications plan pushes that message out to a wider audience, because we have built a reputation for quality, authentic craft beer taste that allows you to enjoy more, not less while drinking.

Over the past year, Best Day has been on an expansive track and recently signed a multi-year relationship with Life Time Fitness, the nation's premier healthy lifestyle brand.

In the spring of 2022, Best Day Brewing chose Gestalt Brand Lab as its Agency of Record in order to take their existing product footprint and elevate it to a bigger stage. Working with an established logo and two existing products, Gestalt Brand Lab was tasked with developing a defined brand framework for the company, creating an overall brand aesthetic and marketing campaign, redesigning the website and implementing the brand across all consumer and customer touch points.

Best Day's core values were incorporated into the brand framework and communicated in a meaningful,holistic way. The product is a delicious and full-flavor craft beer for doers, surfers, climbers, early-risers, free divers, chefs, gardeners, dancers, oyster farmers and more. Brian Munce, Managing Director of the Gestalt Brand Lab, said that Best Day drinkers are those who want to live each day to the fullest, while still having fun.

The resulting brand framework tied all of these key elements together and Gestalt built a communications platform that centered around the idea of "best day yet", a genuine craft beer experience that lets you feel the awe of everyday life.

Consumers want to be present and enjoy a taste experience they love in more parts of their life while retaining a clear head and full functioning. Munce said that the brand work for Best Day was aligned to communicate the feeling of drinking Best Day beer.

Gestalt focused on an illustrated graphic poster design style filled with iconography from a noted French artist that visuallycommunicates the feeling and emotions that go with a Best Day beverage. Simple slogans and themes call out occasions and moments such as "Make Dawn Patrol" with an image of surfers checking the waves, which customers can imagine themselves in.

Chad Farmer said that the entire creative and brand vision speaks to those who want to be present in every moment, enjoying a beverage they love in more parts of life.

Customers will be transported to a place of calm and enjoyment thanks to the combination of visuals, clean illustrations and a color scheme evocative of the natural beauty of Northern California. "Monge's illustrations capture the essence of the sun, encouraging viewers to stop and enjoy small pleasures, serving as a perfect fit for Best Day's brand platform"

A wide variety of photo and video assets for Best Day, social media content for all platforms, vehicle and bike wraps, email templates, seasonal product packaging designs and more have been developed by Gestalt. New product launches, custom events and experiences, new advertising and more will be pushed by the agency.

The gout brand lab is about.

The San Diego-based Gestalt Brand Lab believes that the powerful sum of simple and emotional brand strategy, story and aesthetic creates deeper meaning for the whole. This award-winning agency has jumped from #66 to #23 in the latest Agency Spotter "Top Design Agencies" report and was named #35 on Agency Spotter's "Top 100 Best Brand Companies" in 2022. Luna Grill Restaurants, Chuze Fitness, and the Gemological Institute of America are just a few of the companies that have been created by Gestalt.

You can learn more about the lab at

There is a best day brewing.

Best Day Brewing was born in Northern California and is for people who do what they love and love what they do. The brand's full-flavor range of craft brew is made to complement all of life's adventures. It's for the fun-loving, thirsty souls who like to work hard and play hard without the limitations of a traditional brew. Life is full of great moments but not the buzz. You can find it at

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