Digital Agency Creates More High-Quality Content, Faster

by Jacob Solomon Feb 4, 2023 News
Digital Agency Creates More High-Quality Content, Faster

With a focus on the healthcare industry, Primacy is a digital agency that builds websites, marketing campaigns, tools, and experiences for brands.

There are offices in Boston, Hartford, and West Palm Beach. The process of hiring third parties to source talent used to take a long time.

With a growing roster of clients and demand to execute more creative projects faster, the existing system for staffing projects was not sustainable.

The solution for fast, effective, diverse casting

For a variety of projects, the agency turned to Backstage for a solution to efficiently find the right performers and voiceover talent.

It was possible with Backstage.

  • Cast 25 principal and background performers across 7 branded projects
  • Speed up filtering, reviewing, categorizing, and selecting talent with the Application Manager tool
  • Create a ground-breaking and award-winning VR-based training program for a healthcare provider that has been shared across the industry

"When we found Backstage, we realized we could not only access local talent much easier, but we could also control the casting process more in-house."

Using Backstage's application management system, Primacy has been able to speed up the process of finding the right performers.

Manning likes being able to categorize talent throughout the pre-casting and casting process.

Award-winning success for a challenging project

SCAN Health Plan, a Medicare provider in California, was one of the most difficult projects to complete.

SCAN tasked Primacy with modernizing and improving their 20-year-old training platform, trading ages, a program that assists SCAN employees and community members with understanding the struggles seniors face every day

Using virtual reality to give people a first-hand experience of conditions such as hearing loss and dementia is what Trading Ages VR is all about.

The project was hired by Primacy using Backstage. The success of these virtual scenarios was dependent on the quality of the actors' performances.

Manning said that they invited 30 actors to try out for the lead roles after receiving great submissions. The selections were narrowed down to 7. Local extras were hired from backstage. The talent were accommodating and professional.

The production turned out to be a big hit.

SCAN is now sharing Trading Ages VR with other organizations because it improved the training program so much.

The project won a Webby Award and brought industry attention to the work.

A large part of the effort came from using Backstage to source talent.

Performers cast in Trading Places VR:

The most important thing for Primacy was to deliver results for their clients.

Manning said that their clients have been happy with both the talent used on productions and the talent selection given during the casting process. In broadcast, social, and online marketing campaigns, our other Backstage-sourced productions have been very well received by our clients.

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