Here’s how Coca-Cola has immersed itself into popculture with Coke Studio

by Lindsey Francy Feb 3, 2023 News
Here’s how Coca-Cola has immersed itself into popculture with Coke Studio

Coke Studio India has been inactive for eight years. It is on the global map with roots in India. It is coming back as a studio with a plan to bring regional voices to the world.

Coca-Cola wants to reach the youth. Gen Z is changing the Indian music industry. They are looking for authenticity, freedom of expression, and new ways to immerse themselves in the sound. Coke Studio Bharat is trying to connect with the youth through music.

Team Coke Studio spent a lot of time researching to find their diamonds. Over 50 artists from across the country, young and a few seasoned artists, have come together to create over 10 tracks that celebrate India's diversity.

Amplifying Coke Bharat’s reach

Coke Studio Bharat has launched a film called Apna Sunao which encourages India to share their thoughts and journeys. The Chairman of Global Creative and Executive Chairman of Ogilvy India created the film.

After the reveal to the public, a digital-first campaign will follow. Speaking to Social Samosa, the Vice President of Marketing Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia said that it would be a digital first approach. We want the song to get popular. This is not the same as selling Coke. Music needs to be authentic. Whatever you do is not good enough if the music isn't great. The first thing we had to do was make sure that the music was in line with what we wanted.

The voice of the video is that of Big B. Roy said that India wanted to tell its stories.

The second and third tiers are waiting to share their stories. Roy said that there is a new song that stands for that particular region in India. The brief given to the team was to capture India's diversity and unify it with music.

The rich Indian musical and cultural diversity will be made more seamless and beautiful by the new property.

I was a part of the creative team of the film and it reminds me of that time. The magic of multiple languages and change of instruments created an icon. The world can enjoy the magic of Indian music if the classical is moved to the massical level today. It is music from the entire country of India. The Coca-Cola India team was praised at the launch event.

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From food to music, Coca-Cola fizzes up in popular culture

Coca-Cola has tried to be a part of pop culture. Music and food have been used to connect with people around the world. Food and music can bring people together. One of the brand's marketing values is 'celebrating togetherness.'

The last major campaign was built on the same principles. The campaign called Milke Hi Manegi was a big hit. It was about using technology to bring people together who have been without warmth due to carbon dioxide. The same pattern is followed with its branded content. The feeling of togetherness is at the center of its branded content, which is celebrated through music and food, which is a huge part of pop culture.

Cary has been relevant to the pop culture for 137 years. It is not possible for a brand to survive if it is not connected with culture. Music is a great way to connect. When you start to think of what to do in music, it is a good idea to work on platforms such as Coke Studio. There are more than one way. Music has been a vital part of everything from a TVC to Coke studio. Roy said that it has allowed them to build a cultural bond with consumers.

In a diverse country like India it is difficult to build brands and Roy said that the brand has seen outstanding results with coke studio

In Latin America, 'Cooking with Coke' has done well. There is a lot of coke and food there. The brand was launched in India in 2022. We want to go local as we build our association with food. You need to understand it if you want to celebrate it. The deeper you go the better the connection is. Cooking is going to grow this year. Roy shared with Social Samosa that they have a lot of plans across the globe, starting with India.

The Coke studio platform was born in Pakistan and left a mark on the world map. A brilliant marketing strategy has built a community. One of the most successful case studies in branded content is what it is called.

Roy said that sharing how branded content has become an important tool in marketing. We don't know where it is headed. The evolution of marketing is that you have to change the way you communicate. It's going to be about building your own intellectual property and assets. Very few brands have a clear idea on this. Everyone is learning. Good results have been seen with Coke studio. The center of consumer marketing will be branded-owned platforms in the next few years.

Coke Studio Bharat: Tuning up the music of hinterlands

Music doesn't know any language if the success of K-pop proves anything. Coke Studio Bharat is looking for voices that have been lost amid the noise of commercial music. Regional Indian instruments like Sarod, Tumbi, and Rabaab will get a lot of attention during the season.

The current season has artists like Amira Gill, Achint, Aditya Gadhvi, Arijit Datta and Amaan.

The goal was to capture authentic and unique sounds that will unite fans from across the country.

Roy believes that India would make it to the grammys with its regional music.

There will be no music in the world that can stand up to us once the music of this country starts rising up. Roy said that the power of music.

The Coca-Cola bottles have a code on them that will take consumers to the Coke studio hub. The audience would be able to see the view of selected songs through their mobile phones.