Publishes "25 MedTech Leading Voices to Follow on LinkedIn"

by Jacob Solomon Feb 3, 2023 News Publishes "25 MedTech Leading Voices to Follow on LinkedIn"

A B2B marketing agency specializing in expert-based content for the life science sector published a new ebook last week. 25 MedTech professionals who use LinkedIn are profiled in the new ebook.

25 MedTech professionals were identified in the eBook as worth following.

The eBook is free to download.

Sean Smith is the founder of The MedTech industry wants to know what is good on LinkedIn. According to Smith, few MedTech professionals have realized the value of LinkedIn, a platform that goes far beyond skeletons and a place to store resume.

He said that they wanted to give 25 examples from different MedTech disciplines.

The eBook was based on extensive research to understand how different industry stakeholders view Linkedin. The idea for 12 LinkedIn Archetypes was created by Smith. Smith talked about the attitudes, behaviors, and pitfalls of each archetype. Smith said that there are certain Archetypes that are blazing a trail for the rest of the industry.

Smith said that these MedTech pioneers are adding value and showing the growing demand for expert-based content.

The top platform for expert-based content is LinkedIn.

Smith believes that the demand for expert-based content is being driven by two factors. He stated that people were tired of the sameness on the internet. Smith cited the volume of artificial intelligence-generated content and the scarcity of expert-based content on social media as reasons for people to disengage.

Smith stated that many people are distrustful of strangers. He said that there is a shift away from direct communication channels such as phone calls, online meetings, and email to less intrusive, asynchronous communication channels.

Smith said thatLinkedIn was perfect for that type of communication.

Adding layers of protection and clues to help professionals avoid unwanted intrusions is provided byLinkedIn. Smith said that LinkedIn is designed for doing business. He said that the launch of their Creator Mode program about two years ago has made many changes to attract and reward creators who bring value. LinkedIn has become a gold mine for opportunities of all types for those who have embraced these changes.

Most MedTech professionals are wondering why it isn't working anymore, according to Smith.

MedTech professionals need to know about their connections on social networking sites.

Smith said that the 25 MedTech Leading Voices eBook is just the beginning of what's to come. He said that the eBook is more than just tips and tricks to help improve profiles, grow followers, and improve content reach. It is a road map for mastering and getting the most out of Linkedin.

He said thatLinkedIn is more than posting content.

Smith said that when people stop repeating meaningless phrases like personal branding and social selling, the magic will start to happen. He said the phrases are code for the same nonsense. Smith thinks that LinkedIn is becoming an online professional identity, a digital representation of one's intellectual property, which is already being judged.

Job seekers, potential employees, investors, clients, and others all want to know if they can trust the person.

In addition to the new eBook and 12 Archetypes, is offering a new training program and a weekly MedTech Leading Voice newsletter.

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