The Power Of Subject Matter Experts, The Limitations Of AI And The Future Of Digital Marketing

by Lindsey Francy Feb 3, 2023 News
The Power Of Subject Matter Experts, The Limitations Of AI And The Future Of Digital Marketing

The marketing model creator is a person. An expert in brand planning There is a CEO in Mexico. Board advisor and speaker.

Business People Discussing Project


As a marketer and tech enthusiast, I wanted to find out how well the popular program could advise C-level executives on the importance of digital marketing.

I ordered an article about the importance of digital marketing when scaling up my business and asked for 500 words. I got the article, went through it and began shaping out more specific attributes that I thought were valuable.

I said that the article should have at least three examples.

The audience is made up of C-level decision makers in the third round.

Do not highlight x or y.

I got something decent after five rounds.

The program's final article pointed out the rise of affordable marketing options through social media and email. Valuable business insights from digital metrics such as web traffic and open email rates can be found in the article. There are a couple of notable cases of companies that have been accredited to the use of digital marketing.

I wanted to understand how this particular feature might affect a lot of different things. The content was interesting but it didn't speak to the level of experience or authority of a true expert.

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I wouldn't have published it the way it was written if I'd written it from scratch. My main point is that you need experts on the asking end if you want to use artificial intelligence for content creation. The quality of your product will always be determined by the quality of your creators. Artificial intelligence cannot transmit the human essence of experience, it can generate good content, but not human content.

Three pieces of digital marketing advice were not able to be explained.

This is the first thing. Don't build a journey that is hard to navigate. You need to connect all of your digital interactions. There is a huge difference between the two. You need to understand the difference between them. Multi channel is about being present in a lot of channels.

There are two Blending digital and physical is what consumers do in their day to day lives.

There are three. Digital is more than what you might think. Ninety percent of my clients think they are covered up because they have a team or set of agencies. Every source must be measured and understood in order for companies to evolve from this crazy idea.

We may be able to create an article in a matter of seconds but with a lower level of quality for an in-depth topic based on my personal experience or any other human being.

It will be possible for brands and organizations to pump in content with the help of artificial intelligence. There is still a lot to learn from a human brain when it comes to high-level knowledge. No artificial intelligence seems capable of matching a human rationale when it comes to expressing and sharing an opinion.

Forbes Business Development Council is an invitation only community. I don't know if I qualify.