Optimizely Names Exec Members at Pivotal Moment in Digital Marketing

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 3, 2023 News
Optimizely Names Exec Members at Pivotal Moment in Digital Marketing

Shafqat Islam will be the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Sales Officer of the company. Islam and de Jong will play central roles as the company continues to rethink how marketing and marketers work, from web experimentation to orchestrating the whole content lifecycle.

Islam was a co- founder and CEO of Welcome, the global leader in enterprise content marketing, from 2007 to 2011. The CMP category was created and led by Welcome. When Welcome was acquired by Optimizely, he joined the team as general manager.

Alex Atzberger said that digital marketers jobs have never been more complex and customer expectations have never been higher. Shafqat brings a unique perspective to the table. He understands the needs of marketers and what it means to experiment.

Islam believes that marketers should have their own operating system to come together to collaborate and work on campaigns. I am able to further that mission while leading an amazing marketing team. The world's most influential brands are connected with the tools they need to compete.

Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region, De Jong specializes in scaling, growth strategy, and experimentation. He joined the company in order to grow the region. de Jong built a strong team and drove consistent growth after the acquisition of Optimizely by Episerver.

Atzberger said that Optimizely is in a unique position to rethink how marketing, product and engineering should work together to create great digital experiences. It will be ensured that Optimizely delivers outsized outcomes for our customers.

The leader of the global sales organization said that he could not be prouder. I look forward to another year of delivering tremendous return on investment for our customers.

Over 10,000 businesses across the globe have been helped by Optimizely. Nearly 1,500 employees work in 21 offices for the company. A seven-time leader in analyst reports, the web experimentation category creator has been facilitating over one million experiments for its worldwide customers.

During the "Black Friday Week" in which 44.8 million unique visitors were served, customers experienced 0 minutes of downtime.

For the 3rd year in a row, Optimizely has been named a Leader in the Digital Experience Platform by the same company.

A Forrester study conducted on behalf of Optimizely, The Total Economic Impact of Optimizely Digital Experience Platform, found that a representative of interviewed customers enjoyed significant tangible gains from the solution, earning a 370% return on investment.

The Episerver was named in the 2020 and 2021.

The Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms was published in the year of the acquisition by and now Optimizely.