Ansira Wins AWA Awards for Digital Marketing and Website Platform

by Lindsey Francy Feb 3, 2023 News
Ansira Wins AWA Awards for Digital Marketing and Website Platform

Ansira is an independent global marketing services and solutions company with proprietary channel, website, and advertising technology. Ansira received the AWA Award for Best-In-Class Websites, theRising Star Award, and Dynamic Presenter.

Ansira is committed to delivering industry-leading digital marketing solutions for our customers and our website platform is a game-changing innovation for auto dealers. The work Ansira is passionate about is reflected in the AWA awards recognition. As we continue to provide our clients with our proprietary tech supported by our stellar services, we are proud to once again receive this industry recognition.

Pasch mentioned that Ansira's tech stack, which supports some of the largest brands in the United States, is now being deployed for dealers who are looking for smarter, more personalized, more effective advertising through omnichannel sources. Ansira's Digital Marketing Solution is used to educate consumers about EV models maintenance and life cycles. Pasch said Ansira is using the latest technology to give dealers a competitive edge. There is a video of the award announcement here.

Pasch talked about Ansira being a member of the GA4 automotive standards council and one of the first agencies to show deep integrations and templates on their rich data that is possible with GA4. One of the new features of the platform is the in-line ads on the search results pages that offer an innovative way to merchandise the dealer specials or promotions. Setting Ansira apart is the emergence of the website platform and the world-class support for dealer groups and enterprise accounts. There is a video of the Website platform award announcement here.

The AWAs were created in 2008 to recognize the best automotive digital marketers. The AWAs have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for recognizing innovative products, now in 20 categories, including digital retailing, marketing automation, sales process, dealer websites, digital marketing, SEO and local search, inventory management and merchandising.

Pasch thanked everyone who participated in the AWA review. We are proud to be associated with these companies and their staff who have invested so much of their time and resources to better serve the automotive dealer community.

One of the largest and most experienced global private equity investors is backing Ansira.