A.I. proving to be a game-changer for some industries

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 3, 2023 News
A.I. proving to be a game-changer for some industries

Artificial Intelligence could impact millions of jobs.

A person says that A.I. has become a huge help in their job.

In the real estate world, there was a need to stand out.

"Real estate is very competitive, and you need to be on top of your game," said an agent. It's so consuming that you become overwhelmed, because you have to be constantly marketing yourself, so that takes over having to do emails and social media posts and content creation and videos.

A real estate agent introduced her to a website.

She has been using it as a personal assistant for the last month, helping her with everything from creating emails to creating guides for home buyers and sellers.

"That already is cutting my time in half that I would normally spend many hours; now I'm able to fast track that."

There is a lot of fear at the moment. People are concerned about how ai will affect our industry and how that will take jobs away from us.

Julie said she had concerns about A.I. but decided to use the tool to her advantage.

When someone asks us why we hired you, we need to be able to say that A.I. cannot replace us.

After a month with A.I., she says she has expanded her clientele by 25%.

"We have to adapt to it because we're not going to escape this and we're not going to outrun this," said Khanna.

Both women agree that A.I. could be better if people double-check their work.