BuzzFeed Stock Jumps 92% As Employees Fret That AI Will Replace Them

by Jacob Solomon Feb 2, 2023 News
BuzzFeed Stock Jumps 92% As Employees Fret That AI Will Replace Them


The Wall Street Journal reported on the plans of the company to use artificial intelligence.

That was only one day. The interest in artificial intelligence boosted shares of companies that are just starting to use it, as well as shares of companies that have already begun using it. On Monday, shares of the Chinese search company soared after it was reported that it was building an artificial intelligence search engine. Since the beginning of the year, SoundHound is up over 100%.

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Microsoft announced last week that it would invest $10 billion in Openai, a company that is behind the chatGPT. According to a report, the global artificial intelligence market will be over a trillion dollars by 2029. The growth rate would be over 20%.

The economy has already been changed by the use of artificial intelligence. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been used by airlines to predict how many seats they can sell without overbooking. As the relatively new technology goes through the growing pains and adjustments seen by every revolutionary industry before it, there is a lot of inefficiencies in it.

This is an example of how artificial intelligence contributes to marketing. As much as $75 billion a year is wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns, but some senior advertisers say that artificial intelligence programs are at least as competent as their first-year marketing employees. A startup has set out to translate marketing gibberish into human sounding copy that will work.

The world's first marketing platform that understands human emotion was founded in 2015. For a limited time, investors can claim shares of this private company, which is growing revenue at a fast pace.

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