Creative agency Sans Serif helps Treasure Data prospects evaluate their all-important customer data platforms

by Lindsey Francy Feb 2, 2023 News
Creative agency Sans Serif helps Treasure Data prospects evaluate their all-important customer data platforms
Image from Treasure Data direct-to-consumer assessment project, courtesy of Sans Serif.

The image was provided by Sans Serif.

“This project with Treasure Data is a perfect fit for our mission and our core capabilities,” said Sans Serif’s Founder David Shultz. “This is a wonderful example of intelligently aligned brand communication, and we’re very proud to be part of the team behind it.”

Both MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. and OAKLAND, CALIF. are located in California February 2,23

Treasure Data, an award-winning enterprise customer data platform, recently engaged Sans Serif to design an interactive DCC readiness assessment for prospective customers. The toolset is now active on and it provides prospects with guidance on how to become Treasure Data customers.

Treasure Data is an industry leader that works with existing marketing stacks to securelyunlock the power of customer data and deliver stellar brand experiences at scale. Due to their ability to unify data from every touchpoint in the customer journey, CDPs are indispensable in marketing.

According to a survey conducted by Treasure Data, the importance of CDPs is more important than both content and marketing. Forrester interviews with the firm's customers found that Treasure Data helped bring in new customers, drive larger sales, improve customer retention and reduce marketing campaign costs.

Treasure Data continues to drive innovation in its engagements with prospective customers. Sans Serif is dedicated to making brand-aligned communication beautiful, intuitive, strategic, and effective by combining world-class design expertise with sleep-well project management.

Treasure Data wanted to create an interactive experience that would allow prospective clients to assess how their company's level of direct-to- consumer maturity relates to the industry at large. Natural human competitiveness and curiosity are built on the foundation of the strategic concept at the forefront of our integrated solution.

Personalized, Insightful Intelligence Delivered in Real-Time

To personalize their responses, prospects use the toolset which is integrated into Treasure Data's site. They are able to see their status in real-time through the questionnaire. Sans Serif designed a custom report for the interactive assessment which is sent to them by email.

“Understanding that comparing their assessment against others would motivate prospects to take action,” Boshard continued, “our approachable, user-friendly design ultimately gives Treasure Data’s prospects extensive analytical information they can use to address their objectives and improve their company’s consumer packaged goods data.”

The Sans Serif approach required extensive research and development in conjunction with Treasure Data's technology team, where requirements and limitations were explored for both the strategic concept and its content hierarchy. Consideration was given to make sure the design and function of the assessment can be extended. Sans Serif was tested for web browser compatibility and addressed its dependencies after that.

Using standards-based code, and using the latest technologies and best practices for easy maintenance and rapid load times, the toolset was tailored and integrated with Marketo for capturing sales data.

Sans Serif's founder David Shultz said that the project with Treasure Data was a perfect fit for the company. This is a wonderful example of brand communication and we are very proud to be a part of it.

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About Treasure Data

Data can be used to create connected customer experiences. With our Customer Data Cloud suite of integrated cloud-based solutions (including our award-winning customer data platform), marketing, sales, customer service, and operations teams are armed with an actionable 360-view of the customer that is both trusted and secured. What did the result look like? Happier customers, improved operational efficiency, and reduced privacy risks are some of the benefits.

Treasure Data is located in Mountain View, California and serves leading brands around the world. Visit to learn how to make the connection