How social media consistency drives business results

by Lindsey Francy Feb 2, 2023 News
How social media consistency drives business results

The organic TikTok strategy was put in place by Figo Pet Insurance. Their efforts led to audience growth, multiple viral videos and revenue-driving ads, as they started posting four to five videos a week on the platform.

If you are interested in learning how social media consistency can help you improve your social strategy, build your audience and contribute to revenue growth, you are in the right place. The team behind Figo's social media presence shared their tips for maintaining a regular social media presence.

Why social media consistency matters for brands

Consistency on social media is not something that can be taken for granted. Consistency in social media is important.

Practice makes perfect

She saw the chance to expand her brand's TikTok presence. Success on the app could only be achieved with volume and consistency.

“The most successful brands are the ones who create a lot of video content. They get the reps in and make content all the time. It’s a numbers game. So, that’s the approach we took to TikTok.”

It was a challenge for her small team to post up to five times a week, but they were able to hone their craft by doing so.

Cheyanne Rains was able to create her own social media video template due to the consistency. A lot of the videos she creates take 15 minutes to make.

Outperform your competition

The industry average is 11 posts per day, according to the data science team at Sprout. Providing your audience with fresh and diverse content daily is the best way to get noticed on TikTok.

It was obvious that this play out was witnessed by Bridgett. Consistency is something that sets our performance apart from more established competitors. She says that Figo shares a lot of voice with its competitors.

A screenshot of Sprout Social's Competitive Analysis dashboard that demonstrates how three competitors compare in share of voice, impressions, engagements and sentiment.

Cheyanne compares Figo's results side-by-side with competitors using the Competitive Analysis Report. The results help reinforce the value of social at the company.

Make space to experiment

Experiments was the theme of Figo's video strategy. She was able to identify which content types generated the highest engagement and impressions.

Cheyanne said, "Trending sounds and meme related to pets and pets insurance drives the highest engagements." High-performing videos include listicles. She came back to these formats again and again to make more content.

Even with solid success from these formats, Figo left room for new ideas, like their "Ask the Vet Tech" series, which gives unique value to their community.

A regular posting schedule makes it possible for your team to test and learn. In the TikTok testing strategy, we analyze our highest and lowest performing videos to reveal how we should change our content.

Build an audience

It was an accomplishment for Figo to go viral on TikTok. The priority wasn't virality. It is more important to find and build a genuine community on social media.

Cheyanne needed to understand the culture of TikTok. People use TikTok to watch videos made with their phones. It's important to keep your videos authentic. Don't talk like a sales person and talk like a real person.

A personalized experience is delivered by the TikTok program. If you want to reach your audience, you need to dig into the topics they care about. Cheyanne says to stay on top of trends. The topics people are talking about are not just related to the internet. How you relate them to your brand is important.

It can be difficult to relate to your audience. According to Cheyanne, she doesn't have a pet. Oh my, gasp!

How does figo make so many cute videos? They tapped into their internal team. Cheyanne uses a messaging channel. Her coworkers help her stay consistent and humanize her brand by showing her footage.

Use social media consistency to grow your revenue

Social media consistency can be used to increase your revenue.

The four steps that the Figo team followed to launch their TikTok account are listed below.

1. Get leadership buy-in

It's not possible to build a presence on any platform in a day. Even before you see results, you need the support of executives. The support of the CMO is important to the success of the brand.

pitch your vision to leadership if you want to branch out to a new network or experiment with technology Show them how they can use social media to their advantage. To allocate time and resources to your strategy, get them on board.

2. Repurpose content efficiently

To stay consistent on TikTok, a small team like Figo needed to reuse their successful content from other sources. They are going to use the same method this year to expand their focus.

You don't need to start from scratch when you want to stay consistent. Take advantage of the success of other platforms. It will save your company time and money. You know the content is popular with your audience. Community expectations should be met on each platform.

3. Turn organic performance into paid amplification

Figo ran ads on TikTok. The returns were very low. "TikTok didn't push people down the funnel until the organic presence took off."

They were able to identify their best-performing videos and put money behind them because of their credibility.

It's important to apply a consistent, organic posting strategy. If you want to attract your audience, you need to post frequently. Long-term results are driven by a hybrid paid and organic social media strategy

4. Measure ROI and share your results

Understanding the digital buyer's journey is important to Cheyanne. She uses the reporting tools to show the results of her work. She combines her brand awareness metrics with paid ads results and revenue gains to show the full story of Figo's success.

A screenshot of Sprout's TikTok Performance Report that demonstrates the number of published posts, views and engagements from one TikTok account.

You can access all of your social media data with a tool like Sprout. The TikTok Profile Report can show you how many posts you published, how many views you received, and how much you earned.

Social data can be used to calculate your return on investment.

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Streamline your publishing and reporting with Sprout Social

Despite the importance of consistency, we know you face barriers to posting regularly. Time and resources are limited. The approval periods are long. There are uncooperative programs.

You can streamline your internal processes with the publishing and reporting tools from Sprout. Our tools can be used to power your strategy.

Social Listening

It is possible to build a deeper understanding of your audience and competitors. You can learn how you stack up against your competitors when it comes to sentiment, share of voice and engagement by learning what is happening in your industry.

A screenshot of Sprout's Listening Conversation Overview which demonstrates trending keywords and hashtags popular on social.

Publishing Calendar

Your team has more time to focus on fine tuning their strategy because of the Publishing Calendar. Cheyanne says that she schedules her posts so that she doesn't have to worry about it the rest of the week. It's easy to replace time- consuming tasks with automated ease with the help of Sprout.

A screenshot of Sprout's weekly publishing calendar view that makes it easy to see all upcoming posts at a glance.

Gain insights from social data

The tools from Sprout speed up data collection and distribution so brands can focus on the key performance indicators.

Data can be used to enhance your strategy. Insights can be turned into action with publishing and engagement tools in the platform.

A screenshot of Sprout's Cross-Network Paid Performance Report which demonstrates total spend, impressions, engagements, CPM, CPE, clicks, CPC, conversions and CPCon.

Now that you're aware of the benefits of social media consistency, you can learn how brands combine insights from Listening and Premium Analytics to drive results with their social data.

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