The Modern G2 Review Form: How Our Design Changes Benefit You

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News
The Modern G2 Review Form: How Our Design Changes Benefit You

Buckle up, speed racer. The software world is very fast.

When you are used to this fast pace, there is constant change. Change can be frightening. It forces you to think outside of your comfort zone. Constant growth is dependent on change and presents great opportunities.

Reviews are important to our success because so much of what we do at G2 is driven by maintaining a thriving marketplace. Better results for software vendors can be achieved when the user review experience is improved.

The G2 Review Form has a new look. We will look at the changes to this experience and how they will lead to bigger wins for you.

User experience is a huge deal

It is interesting to think about what we did not allow on the internet in the early 2000s. We were more tolerant ofPukiWikiPukiWikiPukiWikis because it was all new.

Today's story is different because of how technology has changed the way we live. Users expect more from a product, and how they experience it influences how likely they are to use it.

An organization tries to assess how users and customers interact with a product or service. These organizations rely on research and testing to find opportunities to improve the experience for as many people as possible.

Online customers don't return to a website after having a bad experience.

Amazon Web Services is the source of this information.

Consumers say they will abandon a brand for bad experiences.

This is the source of the company.

If you don't give your customers a good experience, they'll leave.

G2 is the world's largest B2B software marketplace because we don't settle for the status quo. Making G2 better to connect buyers with software vendors is a constant challenge for us.

Users submit their reviews through the G2 Review Form so we know this is a major experience.

It is time to be transparent. There are more reviews for our vendors when the review form is improved. We increase the likelihood of users completing the process by removing obstacles.

The new form aims to increase conversion rates.