Fiverr Announces Work From Anywhere Contest Winners

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News
Fiverr Announces Work From Anywhere Contest Winners

Fiverr International Ltd., (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is revolutionizing how the world works together, has announced the winners of its Work From Anywhere contest. In partnership with Selina, ten inspiring Fiverr freelancers and businesses from across the globe have been awarded the opportunity to travel and work from one of the 100+ Selina locations. The purpose of the overall partnership is to provide Anywhere Workers (i.e. people who work remotely while traveling from at least two locations, domestic or international, throughout the year), the opportunity to find community and connect with like-minded individuals during their travels.

The press release has a multimedia component. You can view the full release here.

The winners of the work from anywhere contest have been announced. Ten inspiring entrepreneurs from across the globe have been awarded the chance to travel and work from one of the 100 locations of Selina. Businesswire has a photo

The ten individuals, all from diverse backgrounds, including five countries, share the same desire to work and travel across the world, whether its becoming an Anywhere Worker themselves or expanding their experience as an existing Anywhere Worker. As part of this collaboration, the winners will work from a Selina co-working space, as well as share their experience living this lifestyle while networking and connecting with other members of Fiverr and Selina communities.

“The desire to work and travel has continued to grow over the past year, and many members of the Fiverr community have taken their careers to become completely mobile as they explore new locations and engage with local communities across the world,” said Gali Arnon, CMO at Fiverr. “The beauty of freelancing doesn’t only include being your boss, or having autonomy over your career, but also the flexibility to live and work from wherever you choose. We’re excited to hear the stories and insights that develop from this experience.”

The Work from Anywhere Contest winners were selected from hundreds submissions, with plans to be traveling to a variety of locations, including Thailand, Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica:

  • Erick Felipe Fuentes Lopez Araiza (oneshoterick), is a photographer and video editor from Mexico City.
  • Abuzar Khan (designer_abuzar), is a video editor from Pakistan.
  • Derrick Morgan (dmorganlaw), already an Anywhere Worker and an attorney from Chicago.
  • Elizabeth Dampier (elizabethdampie) is a UGC content creator from Jackson, Mississippi.
  • Laura Gomez – is a bilingual content creator and entrepreneur who runs digital marketing agency TDC Digital Agency from Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Kristie Nicolas (kristienicolas) is a UGC content creator in fashion and beauty from Australia.
  • Ailsa Kellam (aislakellam) is a business coach, entrepreneur, and a business instructor from Portland, Oregon.
  • Angus Brennan (angusbrennan) is a voiceover artist from Brisbane, Australia.
  • Rondel and Apryl Yarbrough are content creators and Anywhere Workers currently based in Mexico.
  • Marcio Delgado Silva is a journalist and content producer from London.

To learn more about becoming an Anywhere Worker, click here.

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