Netflix Wants Its Next Big Screen Star to Be Electric Vehicles

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News
Netflix Wants Its Next Big Screen Star to Be Electric Vehicles

The goal is to make the electric vehicle a star on screens big and small.

In front of and behind the camera, the company has committed to getting EV into every production it manages. There will be a marketing campaign about electric vehicles with a Super Bowl commercial later this month.

They want to accelerate the world's transition from fossil-fuel vehicles to electric ones.

The faster people get used to the change, the more electric vehicles show up in his type of content.

In the Super Bowl-bound campaign, Will Ferrell is shown hopping between shows and movies like Squid Game, Queer Eye and Love is Blind, all in scenarios that incorporate GM electric vehicles.

EV's will not be included in genres where they wouldn't make sense, like fantasy, period pieces or animation. The company works with its creators in three steps: initial briefings about EV and the initiative, a creative integration process with directors, and the like to determine how EV fit the story

This isn't a product placement, according to the company.

GM isn't paying to put their vehicles on the show. She said that GM vehicles will be featured a lot in the movies because of the close ties between the two companies.

GM's head of marketing stated that the company is looking forward to working with the team at Netflix as they build up their advertising business. commercials to the service for the first time were brought to the service by the cheaper tier. Any ad buys with the streaming service are not part of that effort.

The executives said that their efforts to get EV on screen has no end date.

"I hope there will never be an end," he said. There won't need to be if the world transitions quickly to electric vehicles.

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