Beth-Ann Eason Joins Quad Board of Directors

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News
Beth-Ann Eason Joins Quad Board of Directors


A digital transformation leader has been appointed to the board of directors of Quad/Graphics. The Managing Director and Senior Digital Transformation Executive at the company will join the compensation committee.

The press release has a multimedia component. You can view the full release here.

Beth-Ann has been appointed to the board.

The expansion of Quad's board from nine to 10 directors is an important step in the company's growth strategy.

Quad's focus on guiding brands through every effort intended to drive action is strengthened byBeth-Ann's deep background in advertising, marketing, publishing and digital transformation. She will be an important part of our efforts to drive revenue growth. We are excited to have Beth-Ann join our board and look forward to using her expertise to improve our position in the market.

Quad is a rapidly evolving company focused on refining the marketing journey through creative innovation, process improvement and relentless transformation. Its ability to deploy an unparalleled data-driven arsenal, from digital video production to augmented reality activations, while also printing everything from catalogs to packaging, creates a range of integrated capabilities I haven't seen before. Quad has a competitive advantage that will allow it to continue to grow. I am looking forward to working with Quad.

She used her experience in digital marketing and digital media to lead C-suite engagements for prominent brands. At Innovid, he led worldwide sales of its technology platform, digital marketing, social media and client services. She was an executive at Condé Nast where she led digital development.

She is a critical member of the organizations that shape the advertising and media industries. She has served on the boards of several professional bodies. During her time as President of the Advertising Club of New York, she led the development of I'Mpart, an industry wide diversity and inclusion program. She is a member of the advertising hall of achievement.

It's about Quad.

Quad is a global marketing experience company that helps brands rethink their marketing to be more streamlined, impactful, flexible, and easy to use. Integrated marketing platform excellence, innovation, and culture and social purpose are some of the advantages that Quad has. A set of core specialties include business strategy, insights and analytics, technology solutions, managed services, agency and studio solutions, media, print, in-store, and packaging.

Quad has over 5000 clients and 15000 people working around the world.

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