McDonald's maximizes marketing to supercharge growth | WARC | The Feed

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News

McDonald's, the global fast food brand, has boosted its focus on marketing excellence as it seeks to take advantage of an influx of inflation-weary consumers.

McDonald's is a great brand. Christopher J. Kempczinski said on the earnings call that the company has unlocked more ways to elevate its marketing.

He said that they were able to tap into their fans' love for Mcdonald's and create culturally relevant campaigns.

By the number.

  • Full-year comp sales growth of 10.9%.
  • Strong guest count performance with 5% growth globally.
  • Almost 50 million active users of the McDonald’s loyalty program across its top six markets.
  • Plans to open approximately 1,900 restaurants in the new financial year.

The focus should be on core products and prices.

McDonald's is doubling down on the success of its popular core products amid a fast-food category filled with flash-in-the-pan products. French Fries, Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets and McFlurry are just a few of the billion dollar brands on its menu. Inflation remains stubborn.

We need to maintain our disciplined approach to pricing. Kempczinski said we need to balance passing through our pricing on our menu while maintaining our strong position on value.

Digitalisation has benefits.

Digital sales made up 34% of system-wide sales in the company's top six markets by the fourth quarter of 2002. The McDonald's app was downloaded over 40 million times in the U.S., more than any of the other brands combined.

Kempczinski said that they are transforming from a brand that serves billions and billions all the same way to one that serves each of their billions of customers individually.

The image is of Mcdonald's.