LATAM Airlines Reduces Cost Per User By 83% Thanks To Ad Tech

by Lindsey Francy Feb 2, 2023 News
LATAM Airlines Reduces Cost Per User By 83% Thanks To Ad Tech

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LATAM Airlines, South America's largest airline group, has seen a dramatic reduction in cost per user thanks to adaptive streaming company Seen This.

LATAM and its media agency Matterkind worked with SeenThis to increase its video reach. High-quality video content was limited to expensive video inventory placements and static banners.

LATAM Airlines reduced the amount of time they spent on their website by as much as 83%, while also using less data, saving energy, and avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Advertisers can run high-quality video within display with the help of SeenThis streaming technology. The high-quality video in display delivered an impact to the viewer.

MarTech Interview with the Chief Marketing Officer at NetApp.

Every digital campaign is measured by LATAM's return on investment. After positive initial campaigns in Latin America, the brand decided to extend the partnership and stream its global campaigns all over the world.

There has been a reduction in the number ofCPU across key markets.

  • -83% in US
  • -47% in Mexico
  • -65% in Europe
  • -15% in Oceania

Digital advertising can be avoided with unneeded carbon.

Advertisers can reduce their data use by using SeenThis streaming technology. Data savings were estimated to be 25% by using the Seen This emissions calculator.

The technology reduces unneeded data in advertising for enhanced user experience. It is important we act now because of the indirect emissions from digital advertising. Our technology loads in less time than other technology. The environmental impact of digital content is reduced.

LATAM Airlines is committed to expanding their collaboration with SeenThis in the years to come. At the same time, we will increase our media spending towards more sustainable options. That is incredible.

What it is, what it does, what problems it resolves are some of the things that are discussed in marketing technology news.

Here, you can learn more about carbon footprint measurement.

More information can be found here. is the head of commercial partnerships.

This is about seen this.

Swedish tech company SeenThis has been creating new screen experiences for everyone. The distribution and climate impact of digital content is being changed by Seen This. The company is on a journey to make the internet better for everyone. Workers at seven offices around the world are obsessed with creating a high-speed and energy efficient internet. Visit seen for more information.

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