Moovly Signs Video Automation Partnership with OnTime Mortgage Inc.

by Anna Munhin Feb 2, 2023 News
Moovly Signs Video Automation Partnership with OnTime Mortgage Inc.

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Moovly Media Inc. is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to Moovly Media Inc..

Clients looking to purchase or refinance residential real estate in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina are served by OnTime Mortgage.

Nathan Majchrzak is the CEO of OnTime Mortgage. We can give a more personalized, faster, and less expensive financing alternative to large banks and mortgage bankers. We want to be a leader in employing technologies that help our customers navigate the rapidly changing lending environment. Our company name is OnTime Mortgage, and our motto is "Closings like clockwork".

The selection of Moovly by OnTime Mortgage shows that there is a growing demand for easy-to-use and integrated video creation and automation solutions.

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  • On Time Mortgage Inc.

  • Moovly is a website.

Moovly is about.

Moovly is the leading provider of cloud-based tools to create compelling marketing, communications and training videos. Moovly's advanced studio editor is all you need to create engaging video content to promote, communicate or explain your product, service or message. Moovly's technology allows third parties to automate parts of the content creation process, including mass video customization, personalized videos and automatic content creation. Moovly is an intuitive, cost effective choice for creating engaging video-based content, with clients including users from over 300 of the Fortune 500.

Moovly is the beginning of your story.

You can download the files in our press room.

Moovly can be found at

president and director is the email address.

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