Tampa-based Cornerstone Consulting offers smart shelf tags, QR codes with digital content for an enhanced shopping experience

by Jacob Solomon Feb 2, 2023 News
Tampa-based Cornerstone Consulting offers smart shelf tags, QR codes with digital content for an enhanced shopping experience

For more than 36 years, Cornerstone consulting has been helping natural product companies manage their business management software and enterprise resource planning solutions. Cornerstone provides resources and expertise to help natural food companies stay competitive.

Cornerstone will be using their ELI Code Technology with United Natural Foods and Merryfield in the year 2022. ELI Code Technology is a part of Cornerstone's Smart Shelf Tag program that gives savvy retail shoppers with rich digital and mobile content without requiring an app.

This innovative solution uses the latest technology and trends in retail to help maximize grocery retail businesses as well as educate shoppers looking for bargain opportunities during an economy rife with inflation and recession.

In a post-pandemic marketplace, consumers demand product transparency and more information about brands. Smart shelf tags will be implemented in stores to enhance the shopping experience with targeted content.

Smart shelf tags help build trust with consumers. There are more benefits to using ELI codes on smart shelf tags. Back-end content may include promotional offers, nutrition information, brand stories and other supporting content from suppliers. Retailers no longer have to source, manage and update the content on codes with the automatic updates on tags.

Cornerstone has built more than one hundred thousand ELI codes for household consumer packaged goods brands and emerging brands on grocery shelves.

Consumers value transparency when making purchases. Natural and organic produce, vitamins, wine and spirits, and other products are all examples of this.

David Williams is Cornerstone's executive vice president of business development. Retailers and brands need to work together to engage and educate their shoppers and our smart shelf tags provide this unique opportunity, helping with decision making at a key point of purchase in the store.

Merryfield is a trusted authority, consumer app, customer activation and insights solutions partner for brands and retailers.

When scanned with a mobile device, Cornerstone will be able to show product information and educational codes. Shoppers will have access to exclusive incentives through the Merryfield app.

Retailers will be given an unprecedented deep dive into consumer behavior because of Merryfield's high engagement on the app. This will help brands stand out in a crowded market.

The data clearly shows that products with Smart Shelf tags perform better than their competitors. Conversion at-shelf for participating brands and retailers should be further accelerated by enhancing Smart Shelf tags with digital incentives.

Cornerstone's technology is changing the way consumers shop, benefit from promotions and incentives and digest product information for an enhanced shopping experience. The retail landscape is changing as consumers are becoming more sophisticated and companies like Cornerstone are providing forward looking solutions to meet their needs.