Havas Media taps Comcast’s FreeWheel to scale US CTV campaigns

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 2, 2023 News
Havas Media taps Comcast’s FreeWheel to scale US CTV campaigns

Freewheel won an agency win and was selected as a preferred SSP partner for premium video inventory.

The two companies will work together to scale premium campaigns for advertisers in the U.S. FreeWheel is one of the preferred spp partners for premium video inventory across programmatic guaranteed and standard private marketplace deals that the agency holding company buys for its U.S. clients.

Tom Grant, Group Director of Investment Operations, said in a statement that the agency looks forward to working with FreeWheel to advance programmatic CTV buying.

Grant stated that the company sought a company that understood and championed a better approach to driving innovation in the TV adecosystem as well as their commitment to creating and driving meaningful media strategies for their brands in North America. Through its big picture, future minded approach in delivering on results via premium video inventory for marketers, FreeWheel stood out as a leader in this area.

In announcing its selection, FreeWheel called out key benefits for marketers with its integration as a preferred SSP, including direct access to CTV programmers, and a commitment to fair auction mechanics and pricing structures.

The collaboration brings together two like minded partners who recognize and value the importance of solving for some of the most pressing industry needs.

In July of last year, she joined FreeWheel as the U.S. CRO, tasked with leading the growth of the sell and buy sides of the unit. In order to address TV industry advertising needs of simplicity efficiency and scale, FreeWheel has made it a priority.

Fox signed a deal with FreeWheel in November to better manage direct-sold advertising campaigns through the OneFox advertising platform. In December, Estrella Media entered into a partnership with a vendor.

Deals have come alongside tech improvements on FreeWheel, including a new unified yield set of capabilities for publishers that allows them to automate prioritization of programmatic demand and increase access to premium video inventory that is normally unavailable because of guaranteed deals.

In the summer of 2015, FreeWheel launched a new solution to support and provide Interoperability with ID solutions from a range of companies. According to FreeWheel, the goal is for advertisers to be able to easily connect first and third-party data IDs from different sources.

According to a November outlook from IAB, investment in CTV is expected to tick up this year even as ad spending growth slows in the years to come. The IAB results, based off a survey of buy-side ad investment decision makers at brand and agencies, pegs media investment via CTV to climb 14.4% year over year, while spend on traditional linear cable and broadcasts decreases.