Gov. Brad Little bans TikTok on state-owned devices – The Arbiter

by Jacob Solomon Feb 1, 2023 News
Gov. Brad Little bans TikTok on state-owned devices – The Arbiter

Many are wondering why this ban is necessary after Gov. Brad Little banned TikTok on state-issued devices and campus internet.

What are the differences between TikTok and other apps? TikTok is a platform that allows users to post short video clips. The app has a lot of different types of content from dancing videos to comedy.

TikTok has been controversial since it was released. It is necessary in the fight against communism according to the governor.

School institutions are ordered to stop using their TikTok accounts. There is a case for this.

The Bronco Shop used to use TikTok for promotional campaigns.

TheBronco Shop was able to recruit students because of TikTok. The Bronco Shop seemed like a fun place to work due to our hiring content on TikTok.

[A student uses the TikTok app on their phone.]

Ledesma is from The Arbiter.

TikTok was used by the shop to promote and recruit products. The account had several videos that reached tens of thousands of views. Even though they had four times the number of followers on the photo sharing site, their reel videos only reached a few thousand views.

The shop still uses other forms of social media, but viewer growth will be slower.

One of the most important rules in marketing is where your audience is. Most of our audience is on TikTok, so it's unfortunate that we can't use that platform.

TikTok can pose risks to consumers. The location of the user can be deduced from the background of their posts. TikTok poses a few unique risks compared to other platforms.

Data mining is one of the risks. Edward Vasko, director of cyber security operations at Boise State University, said that previous versions of TikTok's mining policies were more intrusive than other social media platforms.

Apple, Meta, and other companies mine about 80% of the data. Vasko said that TikTok mines about ninety percent.

Vasko says that the risk level for the individual is low. The risk is more concentrated on a group of people. Russia and other countries have created accounts on Facebook to cause unrest in the United States.

TikTok has the same potential for manipulating people. The government can't ask TikTok to flag false or misleading content.

Vasko said that you have to look at TikTok through the lens of national security to see it as a cybersecurity threat.

TikTok moving away from an app for dancing and towards more political and social activism related content gives China an opportunity to intervene in American politics and social issues.

While students use TikTok for academic and social purposes, social media can also shape our reality according to a lecturer. Students aren't likely to be affected by the ban because it only affects state-owned devices and campus wi-fi.