WorkLLama's Latest Talent Marketing Automation Marks Continued Tech Investment

by Anna Munhin Feb 1, 2023 News

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Competitive advantage for finding talent is driven by new talent marketing features.

There are several game-changing features to its platform, highlighting its commitment to investment in its technology. WorkLLama is able to help organizations access highly skilled talent at scale and on demand.

Our customers have seen a 42% increase in monthly engagement, a 23% increase in profitability, and an 81% decrease in the number of missed work days.

Full function is now available via the mobile app. Last-minute shifts can be filled with on-the-fly capabilities. Users can chat with candidates in real-time, see who's checked in for a shift, know which shifts are unfilled or under filled, and respond quickly to find more talent. Retention, productivity, and engagement with top talent are driven by this function.

Many industries rely on shift work to survive. Saleem Khaja said that the ability to find workers means they can apply for critical shifts. Customers have seen a 42% increase in monthly engagement, a 23% increase in profitability, and an 81% decrease in the number of missed work days.

A destination that offers next-gen talent marketing opportunities is provided by the full content management system of WorkLLama. Massive impact for employers is delivered by the platform.

  • It's easy to brand top talent.

  • It's simple multimedia content management.

  • Performance and job searches can be personalized.

WorkLLama keeps their employer ahead of the competition for talent by delivering consumer-grade talent experiences with career sites that highlight their brand.

"Our product makes it easy to attract, engage, and nurture talent like never before," said the head of product for WorkLLama. It is possible for companies to market directly to top talent with personalized messaging, content, and job opportunities.

Customers using Sofi can now have two-way conversations with candidates on the platform. Extending global reach and connecting with talent is provided by this function.


WorkLLama is an engagement suite. We create communities of highly engaged talent with a single platform. We are at We encourage you to follow us onLinkedin.


Workllamas latest talent marketing automation marks continued tech investment

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