AesirX launches new Headless CMS experience to shape the future of Privacy by Design

by Lindsey Francy Feb 1, 2023 News
AesirX launches new Headless CMS experience to shape the future of Privacy by Design

AesirX, known for open source, privacy-first technology, releases more solutions to ease the developer's burden in deployment

AesirX Content is an open source, headless content management system designed for agencies and developers who want to easily build custom websites. It comes with people who want to migrate to privacy-first technology. The free version includes marketing automation software, asset management and storage, 1st-party analytics, intelligent business insights, and single sign on. The combination of Web2 + Web3 is a winner.

Privacy-Enhancing technologies are delivered by the AesirX solutions series. AesirX has delivered 20 different marketing platforms and solutions over the course of two years to address the issues of tracking cookies and illegal third-party data.

Privacy is embedded into the design using unique technology that gathers and stores data legally and complies with regional legislation.

1st-party data is a method of data collection that protects users' privacy by giving them the right to share their data with whoever they want. Users have no say in who has access to their personal information with 3rd-party data.

AesirX uses Concordium's zero Knowledge ID layer to make it possible for users to share their data with businesses. Users can use Concordium's technology to store and verify their data and allow for cross-site tracking that will allow for a more personalized user experience.

The Community Edition is a free option for individual developers who would like to explore a modern stack of headless microservices. Content marketing automation and digital asset handling are included in the free version.

Both AesirX Analytics and AesirX BI technologies are included within the free Open Source tier to provide legal 1st-party web analytics for 1st-party data insights and business intelligence for any organization across multiple platforms and devices.

If that wasn't enough, the crowning glory which ties in all the above tools, and becomes the key to cross-site data tracking, is also included as standard. It can be enabled for all users of any site, shop, or app to allow for optional secure login using ZK security with Concordium zero Knowledge ID Layer. There are no known ways of brute forcing access with this system.

There are three more tiers for start-ups, small to medium teams, and growing organizations. Any organization can use AesirX Content.

Ronni K Gothard Christiansen says that aesirX Content offers a very simple Content Management Experience and can be used by everyone from the open source community. To make sure administrators feel at home in AesirX Content, we are launching a fewforks of AesirX Content that feel a little like home if you are from a different platform.

As it gathers and connects all the functions of marketing in one system and allows for the customization of users' experiences based on their preferences and history across the internet, the CMS is a ground-breaking system. AesirX has a partnership with Concordium. Businesses can only gain access to users data after their explicit consent as brute forcing is no longer feasible.

AesirX has something to say about it.

AesirX is focused on providing privacy-first technology to everyone so that they can take back control of their data privacy and have access to marketing software. AesirX offers protection for consumer privacy in a variety of ways and all of their technology is open source so that everyone has access.

If you want to find out more, go to or use the AesirX Solutions drop-down menu.

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Privacy enhancing technologies like no other can be used.

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