Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle: How to Streamline Your Content

by Samuel Pordengerg Feb 1, 2023 News
Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle: How to Streamline Your Content

It's called content is king. Many real estate professionals use this phrase when creating their marketing plans. With a lot of to-dos, agents and brokers are often too busy to keep up with new content. If you don't want to push yourself too hard to create and execute new, quality content for your sphere of influence, why not use your existing content pool? You can reuse and recycle content all year long if you have the right strategy.

You can explore your library of material.

You should have your own library of educational and informational content, no matter what you do. If you're just starting out on your content journey, it's a good idea to spread out some content over a few weeks or months. Having a decent collection of content ready to share with your audience is important, as time is often limited and by offering these resources to your clients and prospects online, you can dedicate even more time to them.

Some of your most popular content topics have a track record of success. You can reference the performance of your content on each platform. If you start with this content you will be able to cater to them as well. These will be the easiest to summarize and turn into easy to digest content perfect for social media.

Content can be updated and refreshed.

It's important to read through everything and make sure that it's still relevant and up to date. If the source needs to be updated, adjust accordingly. If you want your content to perform at its highest and reach the widest audience, you need to update your website's search engine needs. It's important to keep your content up-to-date.

When it comes to recycling, evergreen content is the best. General educational topics, such as renovation tips and advice for buyers and sellers, can be lightly edited and can be used year after year. As laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing, anything that includes data or market information may need to be looked at more closely. It will be worth the time and effort for even more content options, even if certain topics need a complete rewrite.

Content can be reinvented in new ways.

The creative process can begin now that you have decided on your content. Understanding what "content" is the first thing to do. This also includes videos and photos.

It's important for agents to have video marketing in their social media strategy because it's on the rise. Video marketing is important for success on social media, whether you choose to host a podcast, shoot a video tour for a home or simply break down a post into a video.

Infographics appeal to your sphere of influence. They make it easy to understand your topics by giving you the chance to summarize and illustrate them. Infographics give you the chance to reach a wider audience of people who may not click on your article in order to read it, meaning your message can be seen in many different ways.

Not the most artistic person? There is no design skills. No issue! Even the most novice designers can use a free program to create compelling visual content. It is possible that the company you work for uses graphic designers or outsourcing their marketing materials. It's a good idea to contact your marketing team to find out what resources are available.

Content for each platform should be tailor made.

It is important to remember that each social media platform has a different format. You need to make a plan for where you will post the item. The last thing you want to do is inundate your audience with repetitive posts, so you don't need to post these items on all of your social accounts.

The hub for video content is Facebook. You can reap the benefits of increased engagement when you post on this platform. It is more appropriate for visually-focused, bite-sized content, such as Infographics or photos with short-form copy, if you use the social media platform, as it is video friendly.

It's a popular platform for real estate professionals to host their own shows on. If you want to make your content more dynamic, instead of creating a graphic or short-form video, consider referencing an existing piece of content.

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Take advantage of the collaborative nature of this platform and get creative with different forms of video content.

You are creating opportunities for yourself, your business and your online presence if you reuse and recycle your content. It is an agent's job to give education and information to their clients before, during and after a real estate transaction. stocking up on content to use throughout the year and into the future is a good idea. Use the guide to help you plan out your next quarter.

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