Weekly Shorts: Is Facebook still relevant for influencer marketing?

by Anna Munhin Feb 1, 2023 News
Weekly Shorts: Is Facebook still relevant for influencer marketing?
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Social media marketing on the internet.

According to our Facebook India report, the volume of content created byinfluencers in India has fallen over the past year. The platform is still popular with people over 30 years old. The decline in Facebook's popularity could be a result of a number of factors.

If the brand's target audience is over 30 years old, it can be relevant. Since the platform has the highest concentration of influential people, marketers may still use it to amplify their campaigns.

How brands are associated with movies.

Men make up the majority of the audience in India, accounting for 72.02 percent of the total. The most active users are the young people. GenX aged 40 to 46 are the most popular age group among active users. The platform can be ideal for brands if their target audience is younger than GenX. GenZ makes up 30% of the total users.

The number of followers of aninfluencer is counted.

India has the most influence in all categories. The platform can be used to raise brand awareness and increase conversion. A large segment of Facebook is comprised of micro-influencers. More than 13K people are influencers. The rise of influencer categories on social media is something that can be seen by Facebook. The mid-tier and macro-influencers are made up of 5813 and 5246 individuals.

There is a rate of engagement for influential people.

The need for more connection and affinity between followers and users on Facebook can be seen in the low engagement rates of different influencer categories on the platform. The engagement rates for micro and midtier influencer were almost the same. The engagement rates across the platform were the same as they were in the previous year. The audience's lesser connection with the content on the platform was the reason for the minor engagement rate.

The posts are about 2021 There will be a new year in 2022.

In comparison to 2021, the number of posts decreased by 64.7%. In the next four years, the number of posts created by influencer marketers will decrease from 64.2 million to 23.9 million. As a result of the drop, Facebook replicated various features of other social media platforms, such as short-form videos and Facebook stories, to stay afloat.

The top ones have the highest engagement rates.

Raja GameChangerz has 18K followers.

A singer by the name of Raja Game Changerz, he has given hits like Silent Killer. The Haryanvi style of music was popular in India and generated about 75% of the total engagement rate. Hip-hop and regional songs have made Raja popular with all generations. An estimated reach of 3.60K and estimated impressions of 5.40K are generated by his Facebook feed.

Saurabh Daftardar Music has a following of 10k.

Saurabh is a musician in India. His fans are mostly males from India and Pakistan. The magazine Femina featured Daftardar. The majority of his engagement is generated by his lifestyle and career updates. The reach and impressions are estimated by Daftardar.

Nilima has over 14 thousand followers and she cooks with them.

Nilima works as a content creator and professional chef. Her recipes are easy to cook and delicious. The majority of Nilima's content is focused on cooking and lifestyle. Her reach and impressions are estimated by the data.

Kishan Srivastava has 65k followers on his account.

Kishan is an engineer, writer, and content creator and his feed is mostly related to motivational speeches. The majority of his followers are from India. The content generated 63.23 percent of the total engagement rate. His speeches on different life scenarios bought an estimated reach of 13,000.00K and an estimated impressions of 19.50K.

India is seen as an alternative to investing in China.

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