Discover the secrets to Love Andaman’s successful off-season campaign

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 31, 2023 News
Discover the secrets to Love Andaman’s successful off-season campaign

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Tourism has been one of the hardest hit industries due to the impact of COVID-19. Thailand, a very popular tourist destination, has suffered a lot with many businesses affected. Love Andaman wants to give the very best travel experiences.

Love Andaman launched a new campaign called "Buy a tour like an island owner". You can change the travel date at any time when you purchase a tour ahead of time. People were interested in this.

Love Andaman has an endless supply of customers due to its excellent services, eye-catching promotional materials, and the support of many well-known individuals. It was important that people were able to respond easily and quickly.

In order to allow in-app package purchases, the brand should expand its customer pick-up point. When compared with using social commerce, it was quicker and more convenient. The campaign solved two problems, one of which was the creation of a point of sale.

The campaign goals were achieved by using creative materials and precise media Optimisation.

  • 2,900 inbox messages

In the first month, total sales were over one million dollars.

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The campaign won a bronze medal in the best e-Commerce campaign.

Love Andaman was successful due to the fact that the brand recognised its problem of overselling and learned to use a more appropriate marketing channel.

Love Andaman was the only company in Thailand whose sales increased during the Pandemic in comparison to other companies in the same business.