How To Work With Sustainability Influencers

by Jacob Solomon Jan 31, 2023 News
How To Work With Sustainability Influencers

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An estimated $84.89 billion will be spent on influencer marketing by the end of the century.

The London Evening Standard has a column by Gordon Glenister.

When it makes sense for a business to useinfluencers for a guerrilla marketing strategy, and when it would be better not to engage aninfluencer, are his top five tips.

Do you know what is important to your business? Is that in line with the type of content you're seeing from that individual? You don't want to work with aninfluencer who is working with all of your competitors. It won't make you feel special within your own brands. Their level of engagement is one of the things to look for. What responsiveness are they to their followers? What kind of reaction do they get when they create a conversation?

It's not all about numbers when it comes to the relevancy of their followers. Quality is what it's about.

Ask for their media deck

If you've found an ideal match, the first thing you should do is to ask for their media deck which is equivalent to a CV, you want to know how they've grown their audience, what their level of engagement is, what type of campaigns they've been involved in

Understand what success criteria you want as well as what the other person wants. We use the word collaboration because it is what it is. One is a reward for the work that they have done, and the other is anything that sustains and grows their audience. If you could help them with exclusive content, opportunities to come to your events, or something where you could bring them onto a panel, that would be great.

Don’t think transactional. Think about the bigger picture.

Don't even think about transactional. Is it a good idea to use aninfluencer for a single post? Think about what you're trying to do here and how you can help. We don't have a lot of money, but what I can do is I have this and I have this, and the influencer will say wow, that's really cool. I can do a lot with that.

Look for consistent growth and authentic content

Slow, consistent growth in your relevancy in your content is difficult. I don't get what you're saying. It's hard to build a following on the photo sharing site. If you use reels and video content, you bring your authentic self to the channel so people can really feel and we engage with emotion more than any other attribute. You give a damn about this if you can really feel that with your customers.