How TikTok’s ‘hot best friend’ Alix Earle earns lucrative brand deals, causes product sales to skyrocket

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 31, 2023 News
How TikTok’s ‘hot best friend’ Alix Earle earns lucrative brand deals, causes product sales to skyrocket


Alix Earle, one of TikTok's newest stars, is the latest creator to capture the attention of the platform's Gen Z audience, earning millions of loyal fans and lucrative brand deals.

Her 4.2 million followers on TikTok make her a desirable creator for brands to partner with and nearly every product she gushes about in her videos sells out within minutes. She has been dubbed the "Alix Earle Effect."

A TikTok collaboration with Selena Gomez is one example of a brand partnership the popular influencer has worked with.

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According to data shared with Fox News Digital, a single video can cause searches for a product to increase by 100% on the internet.

Out of the 33 products that were researched, 10 of them were sold out and a majority of the remaining products were on sale. 26 of the 33 items on the list jumped to 100 at one point, and every item on the list had seen search interest spike to over 70.

The internet's "hot best friend" is a senior at the University of Miami. In the last few months, her TikTok account has gained 4.2 million followers, making her one of the most followed people on the platform.

Jeremy Boudinet said that her style of content exemplifies everything that makes influencer marketing work. She has a non-pretentiousness to her content.

He said that one member of the team remarked that it felt like you were watching a big sister get ready on the phone. When she makes product recommendations it feels like she's talking to a friend.

According to Ubiquitous, Earle's search interest on the internet spiked from zero to 100 over the course of 12 months. The majority of products on the list started with a search interest of 0 to 43, which means that only one of Earle's three-minute videos can increase the search for a product to 100 percent in a day.

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In one of her most famous videos, where she details her eyelash routine, each of the three products featured increased to a search volume of 100 hours after it went live.

Her "hot mess" approach to her videos has yielded a trusted following among young women on TikTok who see her content as authentic and relevant.

Alix's emphasis on authenticity and her daily beauty-based content and logs make her stand out from the crowd.


"The relatability she creates with her honesty makes her glamorous life feel almost attainable - she struggles just like me," he said. "So when she incorporates a product into her daily routine, it's no wonder that her audience rushes out to buy it."

She is very candid with her followers as she talks about her experiences with plastic surgery, her family dynamic, and her dating life.

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Her audience gets the sense that she is easy to relate to when she shows off her messy bedroom and her struggles withAcne and anxiety. They are able to see her look great and attend great events.