Two Veteran ACJ Team Members Take Role of President, VP of Marketing

by Lindsey Francy Jan 30, 2023 News
Two Veteran ACJ Team Members Take Role of President, VP of Marketing

Kim McGuane and MitchellPhillips have been with American Community Journals for a long time.

American Community Journals is the parent company of several newspapers. Positive stories of each county are highlighted on these platforms.

McGuane has 20 years of experience in the insurance and marketing industry.

American Community Journals has become a prominent source of positive news in the Philadelphia Region and an important resource for businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions to build their brands and share their positive impact within our communities.

During her time at American Community Journals, McGuane rose through the ranks. After working as an assistant editor, she was promoted to director of operations and chief operating officer.

She is looking forward to her new position.

McGuane said that she was excited to work with a fantastic team in their mission to grow their platforms and shine a light on the incredible people, places, and businesses that make the Philadelphia Region so special.

After graduating from Widener University with a degree in Business Management, Mitchell began his career at ACJ.

The Reading Royals were sold to a new owner and the offer for a marketing job was withdrawn.

The career pivot resulted in him landing a position as ACJ's Social Media Marketing Manager a few months later.

After four and a half years with the company,Phillips is excited to start his new job as the Vice President of Marketing.

The opportunity to lead a new department is exciting.

We want to help build stronger, more cohesive local communities by sharing positive and upbeat news, stories, and content that aim to celebrate and unite the people, places, and businesses within the counties we serve.

Ken Knickerbocker is happy to announce the promotions. "As we evolve as a company, we want to not only get better at sharing and promoting partner and local news stories, but be a company known its collaborative culture where hard work and success is rewarded." Kim and Mitchell are role models. They will do well in their new roles.