Fandifi Launches Website to Enhance Inbound Marketing

by Lindsey Francy Jan 30, 2023 News
Fandifi Launches Website to Enhance Inbound Marketing

Fandifi Technology Corp. is excited to announce the launch of its new website which is designed to focus on an inbound marketing campaign. The goal of the new website is to help Fandifi rank better with the internet.

The new website has been designed to make it easy to navigate, with a clean and modern look. The website's content is designed to match the search intent of the users. Fandifi will be able to better engage with its target audience and provide them with the information they need in a timely and relevant way regarding their favourite types of Fandifi'd content.

The new website is a big step forward for Fandifi's marketing efforts. "Our goal is to provide fans with the best possible online experience, and this new website is a key part of our strategy to accomplish that," said David Vinokurov, CEO of Fandifi. By focusing on inbound marketing and search intent-driven content, we will be able to better connect with our target audience and drive more viewers to the content on our platform.

The new website can be found at

There is a launch update.

A comprehensive design update to its fan engagement platform has been undertaken.

We've had a lot of positive feedback from end users, content creators and numerous amateur and professional organizations since we went live with the platform. The items that were identified were put back to the team. David Vinokurov stated that the UX andUI improvements underway are cornerstones of the scaling plans.

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The network effect engineered into the platform will be amplified thanks to additional features. Future builds will address these new features and functions. We will have a new design in February. The discussions with content creators are going well. We've been talking about white label build outs and custom integrations. The new website is a small part of the vision. "Our strength in systems integrations is an asset that leaves me confident in our success both for our organic efforts and key partnerships."

Fandifi Technology Corp. is a company

Fandifi is a prediction platform for fans. The Fandifi platform runs on associated neural networks tailor-made for content creators to increase Gamification of their content and enable fan engagement within their communities. Fandifi is changing the way fans interact with their favourite sports and broadcasts.

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