Six Reasons Why Companies Will Continue To Collaborate With PR Firms

by Lindsey Francy Jan 30, 2023 News
Six Reasons Why Companies Will Continue To Collaborate With PR Firms

If your business is about to launch a new product or service, you may want to work with a public relations agency to double your bandwidth. Partnering with an organization will help you get as much public exposure as possible in order to educate potential clients and customers about your mission and offerings.

Six members of the Forbes Human Resources Council share how working with a PR firm has improved their organization's brand awareness.

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A PR agency can help a company improve its brand awareness by reaching new audiences through targeted and effective public relations efforts. In order to get coverage and mention of the company's brand in relevant publications and on key platforms, we worked with our PR firm.

Our brand awareness and profitability were greatly improved by partnering with a PR agency There are many ways to measure this impact. For the week after an article was published, I wanted to review our increase in website traffic, company visits and inbound lead flow. This was a good way to measure the value of PR.

Public relations firms can help place your organization. Some organizations don't know about the publications and associations. Public relations firms know the best go to market plan to promote your organization and have direct contacts which will amplify your efforts in a timely manner.

Forbes Human Resources Council is an invitation only organization. I don't know if I qualify.

The agency can make evidence-based recommendations of the right creative content and media that will increase awareness and consideration of your proposition the most if you use a specialist PR firm that understands marketing communications. Every message is receiver-centered rather than sender-centered.

5. DEI Brand Amplification

Bridge Partners' brand and messaging related to diversity, equity, inclusion and executive search have been amplified by partnering with ClearEdge Marketing. Third-party validation helped us to influence conversations with clients and grow our business.

6. A Wider Range Of Publishing Opportunities

Access to publishing opportunities can be provided by partnering with a PR agency. Only those who follow the company's social media pages will be able to see posts on the company's website. Publishing articles in business publications can introduce the company to a new audience, position employees as subject matter experts and generate millions of dollars in publicity value.