What will be the top 3 digital marketing trends of 2023?

by Jacob Solomon Jan 30, 2023 News
What will be the top 3 digital marketing trends of 2023?

The role of digital marketing has changed with the evolution of e- commerce. Changing consumer needs have made marketers adapt their strategies. We will see marketers shift how they communicate with consumers in the years to come. Digital marketers will experience a few trends as the year progresses, and how they can get ahead of them, according to the information provided by Bloomreach.

1. Retention over acquisition

A source of stress for marketers has been rising customer acquisition costs. According to a recent survey, a majority of retailers believe that the main threat to their sales goals in the next two years is CAC. The cost of paid media channels continues to grow, leaving marketers to look for alternative channels. The power of retention marketing has been underestimated. If you want to drive results, you should prioritize customers who already know your brand. More brands are going to use reliable channels such as email and SMS to re-engage existing customers in the years to come.

Personalization will make retention marketing efforts easier. The trust is there for brands because established and returning customers have already given them information about their preferences. It is more likely that customers will return to make another purchase if brands are able to meet them where they are.

2. Seamless omni-channel experiences will become the standard

Connected journeys matter if we have learned anything from the last year. Customers should expect brands to expect them to use multiple channels. A customer's ability to receive an engaging email, browse on their mobile device, find what they're looking for, and check out their desktop with ease is what can determine if they return or not.

New opportunities for e-commerce platforms to engage with new customers are provided by an omni-channel experience. Email is a more reliable and successful marketing tactic with open rates and return on investment. Investing in an omni-channel strategy that uses channels that customers will be more receptive to will prove to be valuable. Retailers need more than a single channel to acquire, covert or retain customers.

3. AI will help marketers adapt to an evolving e-commerce landscape

Artificial intelligence has become more important for marketers. It is a way for marketers to reach larger audiences with their content. With the help of artificial intelligence, marketers will be able to retain customers who have won in the past and still attract new ones. Today's marketers are able to personalize campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence. This will be important for how marketers interact with their customers.

Scaling personalization using artificial intelligence allows marketers to show a customer exactly what they want to see, when and where they want to see it. It's the human aspect of personalization that makes the difference. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with a marketer's knowledge of who their customers are is what makes seamless customer journeys enjoyable. As consumer expectations continue to grow and their preferences become more precise, Artificial Intelligence will be the tool that will make it easier for companies to adapt, but it is the strategic marketer who will know how to implement it.

A year to look forward to

It will be a fascinating year for e- commerce, if we see what we saw in 2022. The surge in e- commerce was caused by the Pandemic, but this is when rapid growth will happen. All of these trends agree that centering the customer is the key to success. This year will be the most profitable so far.