Organic Super Foods Marketing Blitz with Accomplished Health and Wellness Brand Ambassador; Longevity by Brooke Burke Body: ZA Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: ZAAG)

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 30, 2023 News
Organic Super Foods Marketing Blitz with Accomplished Health and Wellness Brand Ambassador; Longevity by Brooke Burke Body: ZA Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: ZAAG)

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  • Popular Consumer Brand Company with Emphasis on Wellness and Lifestyles.  
  • Agreement with Celebrity Brooke Burke to Market, Endorse and Promote Products as a Brand Ambassador via an Online Subscription Model.   
  • Longevity by Brooker Burke Body Super Foods Can Provide Better Energy, Focus, Endurance and Recovery with Immediate and Tangible Results in 7 to 10 Days of Regular Use. 
  • Product Manufacturing Agreement Established with Can B Corp.   
  • Global Superfoods Market was Estimated at USD 137.0 Billion in 2018 and is Projected to Ascend at CAGR of 5.9% Through 2025.
  • Subsidiary Line of Active Lifestyle Clothing for Both Men & Women with New Additions Being Added Regularly.  

ZA Group is a company with an emphasis on acquisitions of emerging industries. Whether to own, license, or manage is the goal of the ZAAG. 80% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAAG, is used to manufacture self-sustaining vertically integrated farms, and the remaining 20% is used to operate an online retail outlet.

Brooke Burke and her company,BB Body, Inc. entered into an endorsement agreement with FOREVER BRANDS to market, endorse and promote a new brand of superfood and related daily nutrition products. Visit the Brooke Burke Longevity company website to learn more.

Brooke Burke holds many titles including mother of four, author, cancer survivor,entrepreneur, fitness instructor, philanthropist and television personality. Brooke won season seven of Dancing with the Stars and hosted season 10 of the show. Burke was named one of America's top ten mothers to follow by Forbes. She is an encourager of health and well being. Brooke is a trusted voice. Brooke Burke Body is a digital gym that is available in all app stores and across a variety of platforms. There is original content for the mind, body, and soul as well as original recipe content, seasonal challenges, and live classes.

Can B Corp CANB signed a manufacturing agreement with ZAAG for the production of a new brand of plant based super food called Longevity by Brooke Burke Body.

B has a state-of-the-art research and development facility in Lacey. Is it possible for B to issue certificates of analysis for all products?

Through an online subscription, the ZAAG Longevity by Brooke Burke Body superfood can become part of a daily routine and healthy lifestyle. Within 7 to 10 days of regular use it can provide better energy, focus, endurance and recovery. The blend of non-GMO, raw, organic plant-based superfoods, with each of the 7 concentrated, key ingredients at therapeutic levels in a single scoop serving, and along with an active and healthy lifestyle can help to improve overall physical and mental health and well

  • Official ZAAG Marketing Launch of Longevity by Brooke Burke Body Super Food 

The official marketing launch of Longevity was announced on September 27th. With a direct-to-consumer, subscription-based model, ZAAG began public sales of this plant-based superfood.

The launch was kicked off by a party in Malibu California. The launch of Longevity by Brooker Burke Body was attended by over 100 celebrities and influential people. The product line was showcased at a pre- party hosted by management. The invitees have up to thirty million followers.

The global superfoods market size was estimated at 137.0 billion dollars in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% over the next five years. According to 70% of business leaders, the subscription business models will be key to their prospects in the future.

The trendy clothing collection can be purchased through the consumer store at

The collection is a great addition to any shopping cart. Specific pieces for women have been added to the product line.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) e- commerce sales in the U.S. surpassed 128 billion dollars in 2011. The US D2C online market is expected to grow to over 200 billion dollars.

NFID is owned by ZAAG. The brand's history is related to the expansion of consciousness and is aimed at consumers at the intersection of running, yoga, meditation, and martial art cultures. NFID is a direct to consumer brand. The company's official account can be found on the social media platform.

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