Star Sports aims at making IPL 2023 biggest ever on TV: Best Media Info

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 30, 2023 News
Star Sports aims at making IPL 2023 biggest ever on TV: Best Media Info

Star Sports is going to make the upcoming edition of the Indian Cricket League the biggest ever on television. It's building up to delivering a scale never seen before and brands will be looking forward to leverage its unparalleled scale in the upcoming years.

Star Sports wants to make the Indian premier league the biggest ever on television.

The biggest platform in the country for community viewing has been built by Star Sports.

A Star Sports spokesman said that it will leave no stone unturned to provide the best experience to viewers.

Over 100 cricket experts will be brought in by Star Sports to create regional content, which will be aired on over 22 channels across the Disney Star Network.

With the introduction of two new regional HD channels, Star Sports aims to boost premium audience viewing in the two largest south markets for cricket and television.

The strength of Star Sports marketing campaigns will help amplify the reach this season.

There are new things for advertisers this season.

It is possible for brands to reach different groups of people in different ways. If the festive cricket season is anything to go by, Star Sports has seen many clients jump on the bandwagon and it is positive that there will be good response this season as well.

The channel has been in the market for a while and has received positive interest from clients.

Star Sports will cater to clients based on their budget. They have been able to bring a wide range of clients regardless of their size or category. During the live broadcast of the league, there are a lot of assets and opportunities for brands to use.

According to the grapevine, the current ad rates in the market to advertise on Star Sports are estimated to be around Rs 16 million for a 10 second slot.

The biggest platform for brands is cricket on TV. This year, Star Sports will provide a platform for brands to build meaningful associations regardless of their size and outlay.

The platform is building up to deliver a scale never seen before and brands will be looking forward to leverage its unparalleled scale in the future.

Billions of people watch sports on TV in India between January and November, thanks to the revival of sports on TV. India has a TV penetration of 900 million viewers.

The growth in viewers can be traced to live sports and cricket.

The impact of the decision to offer the game for free to viewers.

Cricket has been free for viewers to watch on Doordarshan during the Cricket World Cup.

The cricket season for Disney Star has been a record-breaking one, with the Asia Cup, T20 World Cup and India's bilateral series against Australia and New Zealand. The TV ratings for Star Sports have grown.

TV has dominated as a platform for cricket viewing in India and Star Sports is trying to deliver a scale never seen before.

With two broadcasters, there will be a lot of surround sound for the game. TV as a medium will benefit from this surround sound, as viewers prefer watching live sports on the big screen.

There will be a lot more local engagement in the event.

One would get to see a lot more local engagement and fanfare this time around as the league would be a travelling league.

The revival of matches being played on home grounds of all the franchises for the first time since 2020 will happen after a gap of 3 years.

The past three years have been organised after every six months due to COVID-19.

The local markets in cities where franchises are based will drive massive traction for the league on the ground, which in turn will create momentum for the 2023 edition in the region. There will be more noise and excitement from Gujarat and Lucknow because of the addition of two teams.

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