Free outdoor advertising for small businesses no longer a pipe dream

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 30, 2023 News
Free outdoor advertising for small businesses no longer a pipe dream

Small businesses will be able to advertise on digital billboards for free thanks to a new initiative.

The country's economic recovery is supported by Tractor Media's nationwide network of digital boards.

Small businesses will be able to benefit from widespread marketing exposure across Tractor's roadside digitals andDigilite networks in South Africa thanks to the SME Launchpad.

In order to create awareness around their products and services in the cities where they operate through a high-reach, high-frequency digital out-of- home campaign that will be live for two weeks, the SMEs will be able to use theSME Launchpad.

The initiative was inspired by Tractor's campaign. The campaign was intended to support businesses that were hardest hit by the Pandemic through the use of our outdoor inventory.

In the dark, how to run a business.

A media package that would help increase top-of-mind awareness with a total media value of R8 million was given to businesses.

The campaign received such a great response that they decided to launch an ongoing initiative that would allow any small business to apply.

To increase access to outdoor advertising, we needed a self-service platform which would be hosted on our website. The user-friendly interface of the SME Launchpad makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to build a campaign.

According to Du Preez, small businesses don't have the resources to hire agencies to design or manage their campaigns, so they kept things simple.

To apply, a business owner or representative needs to visit our website and create a profile, where they will be asked to give information about their business. They are directed to a dashboard where they can upload their creative content which needs to be supplied according to preset specifications and select the region where they want the campaign to fly.

Once the application is approved and the creative content is approved, the campaign is put into Tractor's DOOH flighting schedule based on the live date the user selected. Once live, applicants will be able to monitor their campaigns.

There are four challenges to growth of your small business.

The initial vetting of the artwork is automated to streamline the process, and we also enabled an end-of-campaign reporting function, which gives users an overview of the inventory their creative content flighted on, how many ad serves they had at each location, and the approximate number of consumers who

According to Du Preez, if the recent epidemic taught us anything, it's that South Africans need to support one another.

The country's economic revival depends on the success of the small business sector. Tractor aims to support those around us in line with our vision to effect ripples of change that will positively impact the socio- economic success of our country.