THE PACK heads up for a new direction and launches THE PACK SHOP in Belgium

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 29, 2023 News
THE PACK heads up for a new direction and launches THE PACK SHOP in Belgium

I have believed for the last 6 years that The Pack could be used as a new way of content marketing for electric motorcycle brands. I thought I could change the way media is published.

Cargo-ped investors wanted - Benjamin Surain - THE PACK
C-Board, the electric cargo step, will be one of the first products at THE PACK SHOP

In the current world, each company is searching for free promotion about their products, and hoping to be noticed by the editor with or without the purchase of ad space. This was an unpredictable way of promoting.

We are working at some merchandising products …

I thought THE PACK could become a new player in motor media. There is a vision and method. I was not a reporter. I searched, selected, and compiled facts about new brands to let the world know about their products. I thought I had found a new professional channel that would be more cost-effective than conventional ads.

Trevor Motorcycles Antwerp - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News
THE PACK SHOP is going to be a Trevor Motorcycles ambassador … We love this Belgian brand from the beginning!
Benjamin Surain - Nuit Café racer - THE PACK - Electric Motorcycle News
With Ben Surain from ON, we can transform every electric vehicle into something unique!

Sometimes decisions need to be made when things aren't going as planned. Over the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to speak with various E-industry professionals from around the globe and even test drive various electric motorcycles and mopeds. I want to be a part of this turning point in automotive history.


I plan to open THE PACK SHOP in Belgium before the Spring of 2023 because I'm still passionate about this industry. I'll be able to take on an ambassador role in person.


The Pack Shop will have partnerships with ON #pushthebuttontoday and E-center / Electric Motorbikes Nederland. I want to build more partnerships with other electric motorcycle and moped brands that are interested in our retail system. We can have a strong foothold in this industry with our own marketing platform, "The Pack News".

Electric Motorcycles News - Guy Salens
Guy Salens: “Ready to boost the light electric vehicle industry …”

Individualized solutions for sustainable e- mobility are provided by The Pack Shop. The B2B division helps companies with last milelogistics. The new website,, will focus on the Belgian and Dutch markets.

If you are an electric motorcycle or moped manufacturer, please reach out to us. We can be your friend.

You should see you on the road.

A guy named Guy Salens.