ChatGPT is testing a paid version — here's what that means for free users

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 29, 2023 News
ChatGPT is testing a paid version — here
  • Silicon Valley workers are learning a lesson that their peers on Wall Street have known for a long time: your company is not your family.

  • After selling his Gillette stake to P&G, he swapped his P&G shares and cash for Duracell.

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  • The coaches still think their jobs are important, even though they thought about how to tell your partner you love them.

  • The rich world is offered a glimpse of where monetary policy is headed.

  • A fusion of sci-fi adventure and heavy industry innovation, a flagship fleet of customized XCMG machinery is featured in the China-made sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth II."

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  • The head of the worker's council at Ford's Cologne plant said on Saturday that Ford executives indicated they are willing to hold talks with labour representatives. Fears of job cuts at its German production sites have been raised by Ford's announcement that it will need structural changes in order to shift to electric vehicle production. In Europe, Ford will have an all-electric lineup by the year 2030.

  • The bank's attempt to finalize the sale of its local unit in Mexico has led to a meeting between the bank's chief executive and the president. A source familiar with the matter said that Fraser will be in Mexico in the first week of February. Jesus Ramirez, a spokesman for Lopez Obrador, said he didn't have any more information on the meeting, and that it was subject to final confirmation.

  • The company's statements about its autopilot driver-assistance system are being investigated by the SEC. The SEC is looking into whether Musk may have made forward-looking statements that were not in line with the facts. The SEC declined to comment while Musk did not reply immediately.

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    He said to short Lehman in the summer of 2008. The day the market peaked was called by him. He is moving forward again.

  • In an interview, the CEO of Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger, said that the company had a record year in 2022. According to the CEO of the company, which sells a whole range of defence products but is probably most famous for supplying the 120mm gun of the Leopard 2 tank, the order backlog is close to 30 billion euros. According to Papperger, the defence division is expected to grow by at least 15% to 20% over the next few years.

  • The second day of the company's $2.5 billion share sale was overshadowed by a $48 billion plunge in the Indian billionaire's stock market value. A research report last week flagged concerns about high debt levels and the use of tax havens, which led to a sharp fall in the values of seven listed companies. Adani Group said it complies with all local laws and made necessary disclosures.

  • The Presidential Communications Office said on Sunday that President Ferdinand Marcos approved a value-added tax refund programme for foreign tourists. Goods that are consumed in the Southeast Asian country are taxed at 12%. Similar to what other countries offer, foreigners will be able to get a VAT refund on items they take out of the Philippines.

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  • VieMed Healthcare Inc. (TSX:VMD) is an exciting Canadian stock that I want to acquire. The post 2 Canadian Stocks I'm Buying Lots of This Year was published by The Motley Fool Canada.

  • For the second time this month, House Republicans have advanced a measure to restrict presidential use of the nation's emergency oil inventory, which has drawn a White House veto threat. The bill approved Friday requires the government to offset any non-emergency withdrawals from the reserve with new drilling on public lands and oceans. Republicans accuse the president of abusing the reserve for political reasons.

  • It is possible to compound passive income by investing in a tax free account. This mini-portfolio could turn $20K into $857 a year in income. The post TFSA: Invest $20,000 and get $867/year without lifting a finger appeared first on The Motley Fool Canada.

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  • Morgan Stanley's infrastructure investment arm informed the board of German renewables firm PNE AG that it is no longer pursuing talks with potential buyers. Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, which acquired the PNE stake after a failed takeover attempt in 2020, was considering a sale, according to a report. Morgan Stanley has a controlling stake in PNE.

  • The recent bear market has created some great bargains. Four cheap stocks are worth considering. The post 4 incredibly cheap Canadian stocks to buy for passive income was published by The Motley Fool Canada.

  • The death of former mayor and the City's biggest champion, Hazel McCallion, is mourned by the City of Mississauga. She died at home with her family by her side. The woman was 101 years old.

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  • The city of Portland is located in the state of Oregon. A prototype of an affordable housing unit made from mass timber can be found inside a warehouse at the Port of Portland. Once mass-produced at the port, the units could be deployed across the state to be assembled in urban and rural communities.

  • President Petro said on Friday that the company would invest $100 million over the next three years in the country. The leader of the country gave an announcement on the social networking site. The government said in a statement that the new investment plan builds on the $13 million already spent by the world's largest food and beverage producer.

  • Businesses are still waiting for action 100 days after the crisis was identified.