Why U.S. Real Estate Is So Flawed | CNBC Marathon

by Lindsey Francy Jan 29, 2023 News
Why U.S. Real Estate Is So Flawed | CNBC Marathon

CNBC Marathon explores the problems with housing in America. For decades, Americans have relied on mortgages to purchase a home. But experts say that several aspects of today’s mortgage market including cost, the lack of small-dollar loans and lender bias have all greatly hindered Americans from owning their own property. Can the U.S. do anything to fix the broken system and allow mortgages to improve homeownership in America? And a decade-long slowdown in house building is coming to a close, which could help American renters. But the new developments in construction are generally for high-end and luxury apartment units. Experts say the market conditions are pushing people further away from their jobs and weighing on the economy writ large. CNBC takes a look at why renting is so expensive in the U.S. The Covid pandemic caused a surge in housing costs and a rise in unemployment, leaving nearly 600,000 Americans unhoused in 2020. So how is the U.S. addressing the homelessness crisis and can the current housing first policy approach solve it? CNBC Marathon brings together the best of CNBC’s coverage on America’s housing issues. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:39 Why The U.S. Mortgage Market Is Broken (Published May 2022) 13:51 Why Rent Is Rising In The U.S. (Published Dec. 13, 2021) 22:45 Why the U.S. Can’t Solve Homelessness (Published Jan. 2022)

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