On AVoX: Atlona

by Lindsey Francy Jan 29, 2023 News
On AVoX: Atlona

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Please share insight into the current state of networking and control, what you see as barriers to entry, and what advice can you give on how IT managers can overcome limited resources.

Robert Bird is the product marketing manager at Atlona.

The network infrastructure is one of the most important considerations in the design and deployment of the system. Solid performance and video quality can be found in 1G systems, which can run on switches and cable. 10G systems do less compression and have less lag, but compatible switches and infrastructure are more expensive and less common. The video content that will be supported with the system should be carefully evaluated.

AV-over-IP is also in a great position to support legacy equipment and can handle new devices as systems grow." — Robert Bird, Product Marketing Manager at Atlona

Most business communications will work well with 1G systems. 10G may be more appropriate for more intricate applications.

Most of the equipment that has been installed in the last few years has a HDMI connection. Depending on the vintage, the gear can support a mix of both 4K and1080p resolutions. It is possible to support legacy equipment and handle new devices as the system grows.

It is not realistic to build a system that is completely future proof. As needs change, inputs and outputs can be changed. There are many systems that are backwards compatible. It is very likely that the equipment added in the future will work with existing components.

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