The era of athlete podcasters

by Lindsey Francy Jan 29, 2023 News
The era of athlete podcasters

People from all over the world paid tribute to Roger Federer when he retired from tennis. O'Brien is the host of the late night show.

Thank you, RogerFederer, for 24 years of hard work. You are ready for the next step in your career.

It's funny so you laugh. You are aware that it has some truth to it. He might return to our lives with a show that is cutely titled 'GoAT talk' or'verbal volleys' or 'backhand pass'.

After all, it is a well-truded path.

From straight interview shows to general chatter, personal takes, down memory lanes, or an amalgam of them all or completely random, the athletes have taken over the airwaves. There is a time when the era of athlete podcastsers is at its peak.

The medium is evolving and so is the term "podcaster". Audio-driven content is the king in this space but it is bleeding into other platforms.

Audiences are interested in hearing an athlete explain the mechanics, struggles and perspectives of their life. Interviews with fellow sportspersons feel nuanced on the show. A better understanding of the sport, the person, the situation and/or stories that humanise them can be gained by listening.

I don't think there is an "unconscious camaraderie" between athletes. Our last two decades or so have been the same. Former tennis player Purav Raja, who hosted an interview show on Sony called Chai with Raja, said that you have more of an intimate relationship.

There is a sense of relatability with athletes. I think it happens subconsciously, according to India's ace footballer, who has been a frequent guest on the 11on10 show.

When you talk about a news article with a colleague, it is the same.

It is feared that the end of traditional journalism in sports is near. It's possible that other disciplines will be in time as well.

Athletes are sharing information more and more. In the presence of brand-conscious managers, interviews are monitored.

The blame lies with the reporters who have stepped over the line and given athletes reasons to keep their guard up. The platforms allow for control. The ability of athletes to tell their own stories is something that has been created by athletes.

Joshey John admits that these outlets give athletes more freedom and control over their narrative and build their persona in the digital space.

It is not good or bad that the balance is shifting. It's true. There is no change in evolution. Many people believe that the trend can co-exist.

Trust will be the basis of it. A lot of the time, active sportsperson feel a sense of resentment when journalists try to step into their shoes or ask questions they don't want to answer.

He doesn't think it will replace traditional media.

It won't hurt reporters. As long as there is respect, it doesn't matter if it's a journalist or a sports person.

You can get access if you know people. You have to be a good person. You know the sport but that doesn't need to be translated. Athletes make it all about themselves but here it's about the guests. It can be challenging for some people.

It's hard to know when this shift began. It gained steam in the past ten years. Athletes no longer use autobiographies or big tell-all interviews to show their true self. It is easy through various platforms.

There are so many ways to access and record. It gives them a way to express their opinions.

India's first-ever individual Olympic gold medal winner, Abhinav Bindra, tried out In the Zone with him on the streaming service. Snehal Pradhan has a channel in his native language. Even the god of Indians, who has a carefullycurated image despite an autobiography, has a Channel.

Content is important in the world of social media. With athletes having a direct communication channel to their fans and followers, these shows are very popular.

Athletes use an off-ground persona to ensure longevity. Athletes are thought leaders as well. It flows into creating opportunities after retirement.

It has made it easier to market.

It could be that Herbalife is trying out a health based show. There are some brands that can have more fun. Jaison said it gives an opportunity to either sponsor or advertiser.

The athletes are using these platforms to speak their truth ranging from mental health to personal anecdotes

There is a scene in India.

I think it started in India. Double Trouble with Smriti & Jemi was a huge hit. You had two women cricket players doing a talk show with people from different walks of life. We did a game and a finish line. There were people who started and people who continued with that.

The internet was a hive of activity with the two high achieving people talking about everything from sports to breaking into weddings and toothpaste.

11on10 was enjoyable for me. I would do it again one day.

According to sources, the Indian captain was offered a few shows but he was not interested in doing them. A footballer said that he had received four offers.

Ashwin's channel is popular and successful despite that. He gives insights into the Indian dressing room while speaking in Tamil. His statements are taken to the Indian captain for a response in a press conference.

Celebrity ground rules are the same. Many athletes who started out withered away because they couldn't deal with the commitment and discipline required to create content. The show will only be a success if they have a cult of personality and authenticity. There is always somebody else.

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