MetaWise Partners with BULLZ Creator Marketplace To Make Maximum Noise For Web3 Projects

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 24, 2023 News
MetaWise Partners with BULLZ Creator Marketplace To Make Maximum Noise For Web3 Projects

BULLZ, the leading platform for web3 content creators andinfluencers, has announced a partnership with MetaWise. MetaWise will be provided with the MarTech tooling to connect clients with the wide-reaching (30m+) web3influencers on the BULLZ platform to scale brand awareness through professional and cost-effective content creation. TryHards, KLON, MetaFighter, VOID, De Fi city, KrypC, SafeGram, GoldeFy, and many more are clients of MetaWise.

Metawise will be using the Agent feature on BULLZ to refer and onboard its own creative network onto the BULLZ app. The BULLZ app takes the pressure of growing communities away from web3 projects. BULLZ makes it possible for projects to tap into existing creator communities and simplify the content creation process through user-generated short-form video content.

MetaWise, which helps NFT Game, DeFi, Launchpad and Metaverse projects find their own voice and build a lasting presence in their niches, will be able to use a range of BULLZ MarTech tools.

The BULLZ campaign manager will be used by MetaWise to plan and develop campaigns. The creators can discover the projects, see the details and decide whether to support them by creating a video. The creator could help with user acquisition by creating videos about the experience, spreading education to non-natives, or raising public awareness. The creator rewards are powered by a protocol.

For further distribution and rewards, creators can share their videos with their wider social communities. Projects that have been successful in launching creator campaigns include: ROCKI, EuroReels, MEXC, datememe datememe, GIFTO, Jigstack, Mad Metaverse and more.

The BULLZ Challenge Launchpad will be used to reward community participation in MetaWise's projects.

In a bear market it isn't easy for web3 projects to thrive. The demands of the product side make it difficult to prioritize brand building, but in the community-first web3 world we have to prioritize the brand. This is where MetaWise works with its clients, shaping brand narratives, developing campaign and content briefs, and most importantly freeing projects up to focus on building excellent tech.

Metawise is joining a powerful network of web3 agencies, incubators, market makers and exchange partners that are utilizing the innovative BULLZ MarTech tools.

Dhivya Daniel, CEO of MetaWise, said that their clients need broadcast diffusion, they need to build influencer relationships, and they need to educate to cascade into word of mouth. Our partnership with BULLZ allows us to deliver exactly what we want to our clients. With a bird's eye view of all the content created for our projects, we can really get a good feel for the talent, trends and the stories that make an impact. We are excited to use the Agent feature and onboard our creators to earn money from deals outside of our agency.

It's about BULLZ.

BULLZ is a dedicated app for discovering recommendations related to the internet of things. Users are rewarded with WOM token for their authentic recommendations in the app. More information can be found at

There is a protocol about it.

The WOM Protocol gives brands, content creators, publishers, and social networks a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on websites, apps, and platforms. WOM is supported by seasoned investors. It is possible to find more information at:

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