Fyllo Introduces Hypertail PMP, AI-Driven, Interest-Based Contextual Targeting Solution

by Samuel Pordengerg Jan 24, 2023 News
Fyllo Introduces Hypertail PMP, AI-Driven, Interest-Based Contextual Targeting Solution

Hypertail is able to eliminate waste by targeting advertisers' most passionate audiences on long-tail websites.

Hypertail is a solution that helps advertisers contextually reach their target audiences through the unique set of websites essential to their passions and lifestyles. Natural language processing and semantic targeting can be used to determine the most compelling ad inventory for reaching consumers engaged with hyper- relevant content.

By identifying long-tail sites where a brand's most passionate, hyper-obsessive consumers are frequenting, Hypertail is able to bring the most efficient and targeted opportunities for performance to any programmatic marketer.

Hypertail's ability to use natural language processing to identify the exact places where a target audience is consuming specific content with a higher level of affinity is what makes it so powerful. Hypertail is able to deliver options to reach audiences cost-effectively in places competitors most likely haven't found.

In a privacy-first world, contextual targeting is a must, but not all solutions are created equal. Keyword targeting on major websites only shows a vague, and sometimes misleading, picture of a brand's target consumer at a higher cost. Hypertail PMP's ability to build semantic topics identifying hyper-engaged enthusiasts on niche sites more precisely connects the brand directly to their target audience at a lower cost, allowing for better performance.

The first of several new and upcoming product launches is Hypertail PMP.

Jeff Ragovin, Chief Commercial Officer, said that the media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, pushing consumers to content that speaks directly to them. Audiences are placing more of their trust in micro-influencers and niche publications for news and content that is relevant to them. If brands are going to reach those target audiences who are hiding in plain sight while remaining privacy-safe, they need advanced contextual targeting solutions.

Hypertail PMP can be activated by any display or video format that a brand deploys a programmatic campaign on.

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