11 Unique, Modern Strategies for Finding Customer Leads

by Lindsey Francy Jan 24, 2023 News
11 Unique, Modern Strategies for Finding Customer Leads

New customer leads used to come down to a variety of approaches. Referral incentives, paper-based marketing advertisements and cold calls were included. Many industries have begun to include online spaces.

Marketing and sales have not changed. Organizations have to continue to provide products and services that address the needs and desires of current and potential customers in order to stand out.

Entrepreneurs can use one suggestion from 11 Newsweek Expert Forum members to find customer leads in a modern, novel way.

1. Show Genuine Interest When Talking With Others

Don't talk to strangers! We increase when we share. Sharing genuine interest in others' situations allows us to understand their perspectives and needs as well as those of the people in their network. When using online personal feedback and reviews, good old fashioned word-of-mouth can spread quickly.

2. Leverage Social Media

There is a lot of notifications on social media from entrepreneurs. Social media should always be included in customer engagement. Direct mail ads may be included in a comprehensive marketing strategy due to a revival of the practice with unique, modern and eco-friendly solutions.

3. Develop a Robust Marketing-Sales Integration Program

Organizations spend a lot of money on marketing, but they neglect follow-up. A low percentage of leads are usually followed up by the sales team. A large lead void can be solved with a robust marketing-sales integration program.

4. Form Engaged Customer Communities

Content, thought leadership and events can be used to build communities. Brand leverage is strengthened and highly qualified inbound leads are brought. Modern-day business is based on community-driven marketing.

5. Provide Valuable Content

The advertising technology is getting better. Quality content is probably the best strategy for generating it. You won't need to find prospects if they trust your content.

6. Invest in Location-Based Personalization

Radio Frequency Identification technology uses a virtual geographical boundary around a specific location. Hyper-personalized content can be delivered through ad campaigns, content and push notifications. It's critical that campaigns and content are compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation.

7. Create New Offerings to Differentiate Yourself

I often create new products and services to make sure that my business is differentiated. New customer leads are one of the reasons I do this. I am able to engage potential and current customers through surveys and forums with a test product or service while also getting their perspectives on how to improve as a business.

8. Examine Social Media Comments From Potential Customers

Potential customers' comments on social media could be indicative of a need. If they were to think carefully about what they said, they could become a new customer lead.

9. Join Online Groups

Social media groups are being used to find new customers. A Facebook group is an obvious choice. Alignable and Nextdoor can be used to find people in your area. Both people and businesses want to make connections for free.

10. Start Marketing on Niche Company Platforms

We advertise on niche platforms, attend trade shows and send catalogs out to potential consumers who have shown an interest in what we offer. The high-tech marketers that do consumer research give us a much higher return on investment than social media leads.

11. Determine What Would Eliminate Additional Tasks for Customers

Make sure your customers have their homework done. Homework is caused by broken processes, procedures, policies and products. Getting more information, more access to more meetings, more tools, and more training are some of the tasks that can be difficult to do. Ask your customers "How could this be easier?" to lighten their homework.